To be honest, there’s never really a typical day as a digital nomad. But we can show you some of the highlights from our last week:

Monday started off on the right foot with a morning yoga session on an apartment rooftop. Meanwhile, remotes made their way to the co-working space or their favorite cafes and got straight to work. After work, remotes headed to free tango lessons in a local park before exploring a new restaurant for dinner. 

Tuesday was the bi-monthly Town Hall lunch at a local restaurant where we give announcements, share stories, and catch up over a delicious meal. After another productive afternoon of work, some remotes attended Spanish class, followed by a local open mic night in the evening. 

On Wednesday evening, a group of remotes held their bi-monthly Incubator meeting, and then jetted off to a 8-course dinner tasting of local cuisine. 

Thursday was all business. A full work day was followed by the monthly "Junction" networking event where remotes invite local entrepreneurs for a night of pitches, speed talks, pizza and beers. 

A few guests were in town so Friday night started off an arcade bar where remotes unwound in games of billiards, ping pong, darts and archery. The weekend was then packed full of exploration - from bike tours and adventure outings, to visiting local museums, restaurants, art galleries, artisan markets, bookstores, and parks! 

The biggest question we get is, “Do you guys ever work?!”.

YES! Remotes work as much, if not more, than at a typical week in the office. The notable differences are those countless hours of miserable commuting, those pointless department meetings you no longer have to attend, and the freedom to hit the gym or take a nap during the day. Shaking up your setting allows you to be your most productive where and when you choose.

So if it appears that we aren't working, it's just because we’re working smarter :)

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