About Remote Year

It has become clear that with ubiquitous connectivity, people no longer need to be physically together to get great work done.  More companies are adding remote working options every day as they realize the benefits of opening their talent pool globally and getting better work results from happier employees. Millennials have shown that they prioritize experiences over ownership with the rapid rise of the sharing economy.   Now unshackled from their permanent desks, they are ready to give up the permanence of a home for the excitement of life on the road.  These two sweeping cultural shifts happening today, productivity moving to the cloud and the rise of the sharing economy, have culminated in Remote Year.

Remote Year is a group of interesting people traveling together while working remotely.  Over 25k people applied for the inaugural year's 75 spots, which started on June 1, 2015 in Prague.  Remotes will travel together on a journey, living in 12 different cities throughout Europe, Asia and South America for one month each.  Throughout the year, they will continue progressing both personally and professionally while working in the communal workspace with diverse participants from 12 different countries as well as exploring the local community through cultural tours, speaking events and volunteer opportunities.


We Believe In...

Work-Life Flexibility
Championing location independent productivity

Coming together with purpose

Expanding our capacity to understand others

Being Present
Having awareness and gratitude for the moment

Global Perspective
Experiencing the world and appreciating its diversity and interconnectedness

Creating the optimistic future you envision


In the Press

Meet the Team

Greg Caplan Remote Year

Greg Caplan

Founder, CEO + Remote Beer Connoisseur

Combining his deep background in technology and marketing at Lightbank and Groupon and passion for remote work, Greg brings the vision of Remote Year to life and lives it himself everyday. Greg doesn’t believe in rainy days, and when he’s not feeling energetic, he’s feeling super energetic.

Sam Pessin Remote Year

Sam Pessin

Founder, COO + Certified Euchre Professor

After 3 years at Bain & Company in consulting and a lifetime of expat experience, Sam has the perfect background to help bring the Remote Year experience to life.  His skill-set also includes a wide variety of loud dance moves and extreme limbo talent, which are typically only shown to the world in dance clubs with 90’s music.

Jesse Gross Remote Year

Jesse Gross

Partnerships + Belieber

With a background in finance at UBS and Flexpoint Ford, Jesse brings Remote Year to life by helping more people break free of their desks.  He is widely recognized for his exquisite style, which he keeps fresh by showering in his clothes.

Hannah Camarata Remote Year

Hannah Camarata

Community Manager + Headstand Extraordinaire

Hannah brings Remote Year to life by constantly pulling off badass events and sitting on tall peoples’ shoulders - often at the same time.  She’s received international attention for her New York Strut style of walking, although the world is still wondering what is playing in her headphones while she does it.


Trish Kennelly Remote Year

Trish Kennelly

Operations + Professional Napping Enthusiast

With a background in real estate consulting and a love for wandering, Trish helps to deliver a seamless Remote Year experience in every city.  Trish is on a quest to win a dance off, or at least drop a split, in every country on the globe.  She brings Remote Year to life by crushing work in her hammock, which has appeared on many forms of public transport and been used as a towel by multiple skinny dippers.

Will Gassenheimer Remote Year

Will Gassenheimer

Operations + International KFC Taste Tester

After 6 years at Accenture, Will decided he wanted to combine his passion for travel with his skills as a consultant. Will is awesome at anything requiring hand-eye coordination and wears hoodies for the fashion, not the warmth.  He brings Remote Year to life by calling partners “bros” and sending emoji-heavy emails to mature women.

Emily Moyer Remote Year

Emily Moyer

Admissions + Mermaid

Emily spends her days hunting the legends that become our future remotes. Though she spent a handful of years working in the education non-profit world stateside, Emily knew the digital nomad lifestyle was it for her. After wandering around the world solo for a bit, she finally found her remote family. She’ll never say no to street food and is always ready for a hike, dive, climb - or anything else that requires her to be outside. 

Andrew Cohen Remote Year

Andrew Cohen

Finance + Operations + Amateur Masseuse

With two years of experience in financial consulting and one year of experience in private equity, Andrew decided it was time to escape his cubicle and move off the beaten path. Andrew won’t go anywhere where he is not allowed to wear shorts and sandals and is a self-declared Fernet enthusiast.


Michael Kote Remote Year

Michael Kote

Central Ops Europe + Making Things Pretty, Sometimes

In 2010, Mike embarked on an 11-month and 15,000 mile adventure in a bio-fueled VW van across 8 countries in South America. He devoted his time to engaging with local communities, experiencing the outdoors, and grooming his beard. With a background in art and design, Michael extended his time in South America to paint murals at three different locations in Colombia. Michael comes to Remote Year from an adventure travel company that focused on building vacation itineraries for groups and families around the world.

Jerica Bradley Remote Year

Jerica Bradley

Central Ops Asia + Jane Of Trades

Jerica’s background consists of multi-sector and international experiences in finance, government, healthcare and social impact. Building relationships, exploring cultures and crunching numbers are things she enjoys, and she is committed to her passion for global empathy. She lives by humor, organized chaos and compassion, she is a self-proclaimed emoji hieroglyphist and she can frequently be found wearing two scarves – not one. 

Heather Lee Remote Year

Heather Lee

Marketing + Juana

Heather had her 15-seconds of fame on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson where she failed to sing Chim Chimney on national television. She has since fled the country in shame, finding refuge in South America, Australia and Germany, where she has been working and traveling for the last 3 years. With a background in anthropology, she can be found digging in the dirt or people-watching through some sweet sunnies. Her Spanish name is Juana since it's impossible to pronounce Heather in Español.

Jeremy Payne Remote Year

Jeremy Payne

VP People Ops + President of Fresh Prince of Bel Air Reenactment Club

With over 10 years in people operations, Jeremy is excited to combine his love of travel with his passion for helping people exceed their own expectations. He brings Remote Year to life by trading in his sticks-and-bricks house in East Nashville, TN for his very own tenement on wheels, and - with his wife Alexandra - traveling the USA in their RV with their two hounds in tow to show that work can work anywhere.  Jeremy works part-time as a semi-professional sports enthusiast, chilln’ out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all playn’ some b-ball outside of the school.

Rukkini Sen Remote Year
Kat Stolpa Remote Year
Renee Chen Remote Year

Rukkini Sen

People Ops Business Partner + Expert at Chicken Dance Conversations

Passionate about making people happy, Rukkini has worked in HR teams for an assortment of companies, ranging from large enterprises to fledgling startups. She loves to travel and her adventures have taken her to Europe and Guatemala. She’s currently on a discovery tour of life and our planet with her 11 month old son, Aarish, and so far have been to the dunes of Rajasthan and the grand mountains of the Himalayas. Rukkini loves introducing India’s street food to visitors because she likes to see them squirm ;)

Kat Stolpa

Enterprise Recruiter + Supermarket Vagabond

Since her first international journey as a pigtailed four-year-old, Kat has traveled to more than 50 countries on six continents, including a 13-month (mostly) solo backpacking trip around the world. She collects loose-leaf teas, runs over 50 miles a week, and prefers to write exclusively in lower-case letters. One of her favorite things to do when exploring a new country is to wander aimlessly through local supermarkets, with zero intent to purchase.

Renee Chen

Preferred Partner Lead + Tiger Balm Enthusiast

Renee spent a third of her life living in Asia and the other two-thirds bouncing along the Californian coastline. Previous to Remote Year, she got weird with Nasty Gal in its early days, then proceeded to #girlboss the first lululemon showroom in China. Her unquenchable thirst for travel first developed in India, where she attempted to bring Shantaram to life. When Renee isn’t glued to her laptop, you’ll find her beach hopping with a Kindle, talking existentialism with her boyfriend, or animal whispering every stray animal. Renee never travels without tiger balm and sincerely believes it's the cure for everything.

Zeke Daniels-Shpall Remote Year

Zeke Daniels-Shpall

Programs Project Manager + Professional Dorito Smuggler

After 5 years in consulting, Zeke left the world of spreadsheets and synergies to travel solo around Europe and Southeast Asia for the better part of a year before joining Remote Year.  Zeke is a proud Michigan Wolverine hailing from the Palo Alto, CA and lived most recently in San Francisco.  Beyond travel, Zeke’s passions include “Zeke’ing out”, dumplings, dumpster diving, yo momma jokes, and going to ridiculous lengths for a meal. 

Jason Piersialla Remote Year

Jason Piersialla

Battuta, Ops Manager + Empanada Enthusiast

Hailing from Chicago, Jason has spent the last five years living and working from the frozen lakes of the Arctic Circle to the rice fields of Southeast Asia. His background is a hodgepodge of tourism, non-profit work, and organizing operations for small digital agencies.

Dave Hagger Remote Year

Dave Haggar

Battuta, Community Manager + Full Time Noise Maker

A former programed android, Dave was originally sent in as a spy from a rival company to steal Remote Year secrets hermetically sealed in a bunker 3 miles off the coast of Finland. However the power of humanity prevailed and slowly over time and Dave learned to smile, feel and even...love. Hailing from sunny Fremantle on Australia’s west coast, Dave has worked in tourism at some of OZ’s major attractions, as well as traveling around the country itself for 2-3 years.

Samantha Thomas Remote Year

Samantha Thomas

Cousteau, Ops Manager + Hot Sauce Aficionado + Avid Winker

Sam’s claim to fame is her Hallmark award winning ‘get well soon’ card of the 2014 card campaign and has been writing inspirational notes ever since. Apart from writing she has a background of 4+ years in financial consulting where she spent her days convincing clients how great spreadsheets are. Sam continues to believe in Santa Clause against all rationale or reason.


Travis King Remote Year

Travis King

Cousteau, Community Manager + Games Master + Bolo-Tie Collector

Travis King, once the understudy for Dennis in “Dennis the Menace,” has a background in youth work, a master’s degree in nonprofit management, a baby guitar, a frisbee with him at all times, and a hardcore love of travel. Over the past three years and as many continents, he has become a Divemaster, a farmer of organic dragon fruit, a commercial fisherman in Alaska, a sea kayak guide and dolphin whisperer, a karaoke and open-mic host, a ping-pong champion, an average dresser, a terrible spelliar, and he once shared a triple-berry smoothie with Montell Jordan. He likes everything. 

Elke Sliepenbeek Remote Year

Elke Sliepenbeek 

Magellan, Ops Manager + Aspiring Ninja Warrior

After having developed and managed some of the most quirky – and award winning – Amsterdam based hostels, Elke decided to go free(lance) and do what she does best: professional busybody’ing! With a background in tourism, and being a sun aficionado, she has fled her rainy but beloved Dam to pursue her fascination with traveling. She's always in for a laugh and a Moscow Mule, and if you feed her an Açai bowl for breakfast, she will love you forever.

Meredith Dreman Remote Year

Meredith Dreman

Magellan, Community Manager + Penguin Trainer

After a few past lives of being a horse trainer, an inner-city teacher, and a neuroimaging researcher (ask her about weed), Meredith packed up her bags to check out coffee in different countries. Her motto is “do it for the story.” When she’s not planning events, she likes checking things off her bucket list, talking to strangers, and getting nerdy about science.

Jenna Winn Remote Year

Jenna Winn

Darién, Ops Manager + #1 Girl Scout Chocolate Chip Cookie

Jenna’s greatest accomplishment was being cast in the Pharrell Williams Happy music video.  When she wasn't making a fool of herself dancing, she was managing complex software projects and the lives of busy executives. She caught the travel bug after a 4 month trip through Central and South America where she discovered her favorite Spanish word, “sacapuntas”. In her next life she would like to become a baby pigeon because they’re just too damn cute. 

Aline Yntema Remote Year

Aline Yntema

Darién, Community Manager + Dog Whisperer

After years of organizing art exhibitions and cultural events in her hometown Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Aline spent four months leading hikes in Guatemala after which she decided to not go back to her old life and joined Remote Year. Known as 'Walking-wiki' or 'LMGTFY' by day, lover of obscure music and film by night (all though she will secretly listen to Justin Bieber). Enjoys food from all over the world, but would never eat an animal. You will hear her loud laugh from across the room, so you will always know when she’s near!

Claire Soria Gondek Remote Year

Claire Soria Gondek

Ikigai, Ops Manager + Former Child Robot

She struggles when she gets asked "where are you from?" You wonder why? Let's see, she was born in Chile, French mum, Spanish Dad: she grew up in a mix of French- Spanish - Moroccan culture and moved to Ireland a few years ago. It shouldn't be a surprise if she hasn't figured out yet how to reply to this question! She is mastering the art of mixing languages and making up words, although her true passion is whispering Justin Bieber songs to her team so they can’t get it out of their heads! 

Carly Lockwood Remote Year

Carly Lockwood

Programs Storyteller + Semi Pro Turtle Racer

With 6 years experience in marketing, community management, and maple syrup guzzling, Carly is excited to combine her professional background with her passions for travel and adventure! Some of the skills that make her a great addition are her abilities to crush tacos (a lot of them!) one-handedly, while pulling off some mediocre robotic dance moves. You can find her working remotely from any tree. 

Jacinda Lofland Remote Year

Jacinda Lofland

Finance + Peanut-Butter-Loving Paseadora

Prior to working at Remote Year, Jacinda was an auditor at PwC, commercial real estate investment associate at TIAA, and more recently, a personal paseadora (dog walker).  Unsatisfied with international trips by the week and her mediocre Spanish, Jacinda now spends most of her time in Latin America.  Could be the empanadas, asados, or Malbec (probably not the plataformas) but she's ended up in Buenos Aires more than once, and knows where to buy "real" peanut butter there - should you want to know. 

Tyler Taboada Remote Year

Tyler Taboada

Legend Hunter (Admissions) + Chicken Finger Addict 

Tyler thinks all things condensed to a backpack are best. When he’s not tour guiding through Europe, backpacking SE Asia, working in hostels in Central America or road-tripping through the US, he enjoys sunsets with friends and/or beverages, scuba diving, and ordering chicken fingers whenever he goes out to eat. He won’t stop traveling until he eats chicken fingers with every variety of dipping sauce this world has to offer, but mainly honey mustard. 

Bethan Adelekan Remote Year

Bethan Adelekan

Travel Director

Having toured the known universe sorting logistics for jazz musicians, Bethan bought herself a pile of bricks in the seaside city of Brighton (UK) with her son Ravi and husband Gbenga.  When not organizing all global travel for Remote Year participants one spreadsheet at a time, Bethan can be found cooking, crafting or playing cards. Through years of practice, she has found that these things always combine well with chocolate and a glass of wine.


Rose Eppensteiner Remote Year

Rose Eppensteiner

Admissions + Onboarding + International Pizza Girl

Since she can remember, Rose has been perpetually searching for the best slice of pizza known to humankind. She spent a few years teaching high schoolers about the history of America and coordinating marketing efforts for an elementary school before realizing that her favorite part of the school year was running away to foreign countries every summer. When she's not eating pizza, you can find her creating Spotify playlists in preparation for the day she's signed as an international DJ.

Dan Alatepe Remote Year

Dan Alatepe

Legend Hunter + Reckless Optimist

Dan's background in marketing and customer service was drawn from years spent representing companies like Microsoft, Nespresso, and Uber. After escaping the chilly Canadian winter to moonlight as a freelancer across Europe, Asia, and Oceania- he decided the Remote life was for him. You can usually find him on a rooftop or terrace overlooking the city he happens to be in, not only for the views but because he probably forgot his keys and locked himself out. He's also a street food and craft beer enthusiast on a mission to leave no food cart or local brewery un-sampled in his wake.

Catherine Scallen Remote Year

Catherine Scallen

Admissions + Befriender of Inanimate Objects

A self-proclaimed Professional Bopper, Catherine has spent the past several years all over the USA with a variety of nonprofits and startups--putting her Powerpuff personality to work in the areas of recruitment and volunteer management. When not befriending total strangers on the internet, you can find Catherine denouncing “real” pants, putting googly eyes on unsuspecting everyday objects, and pulling off flawless Irish Exits worldwide. 

Marc Johnson Remote Year

Marc Johnson

Product Manager

After spending a year traveling with a weird little start-up called Remote Year as an RYOG, Marc wanted nothing more than to continue helping break down cubicles and shake up lives. Not shy of geeking out about some finance or cosmos related topic, this guy will be the first to remind you not to waste a second of life. When he's not eating fried chicken and waffles, you can generally find this lanky loud-mouth doing something borderline insane in the pursuit of adrenaline. 

Michelle Lakness Remote Year

Michelle Lakness

Business Development Pioneer + French Braid and Backcomb Aficionado

Michelle first fell in love with experiencing the unknown and learning about different cultures when she moved to Mexico at 18 years old. She spent the next 11 years wondering how her love for travel could better coexist with her career in Finance. She has finally figured it out and is dedicated to doing the same for others! To juxtapose her financier persona, you’ll find Michelle asking for directions in Spanish to the closest salsa bar or tapas restaurant. If not that, then she’s just running late - either doing all of her friends’ hair or arm wrestling fellow coworkers.

Josh Martin Remote Year

Josh Martin

Enterprise Recruiter + John Mayer Impersonator

Growing up in a yurt with a pet llama gave Josh a thirst for the unconventional. After college, Josh traded his pencil for a guitar and hit the road with an experimental folk trio, lasting for 5 years until he finally surrendered and got a "real job" selling digital advertising. He's thrilled to use his sales chops to help people realize their goals of freedom and experience. Josh's love for travel began at 8 when his dad took him and his brother on an epic RV journey across France. It was during a backpacking trip across Europe that he grew out his hair and accepted his true calling as a John Mayer impersonator. 


Sam Matthew Remote Year

Sam Matthew

Director of Policy + Jack of All Trades, Master of Puns + Professional Dilettante

After two and a half years practicing complex commercial litigation, Sam went to South America to "find himself," and only found that he loves to travel. He was still running from the law (firm) when he was hired to use his J.D. in a more enjoyable way - doing policy and legal work for Remote Year. Sam enjoys: helping the elderly cross the street, making people laugh, people that make him laugh, wearing a man bun, Phish concerts, lists, and complaining about heartburn while simultaneously consuming spicy food and red wine. 

Ioan Holland Remote Year

Ioan Holland

Videographer + Sky Gazer

With experience in videography, animation, photography, graphic design, marketing, politics, IT, geography, science media, and art & design, Ioan is an eclectic kind of guy. Hailing from London, he is excited to search for the wonders in the world that lie waiting to be discovered and the stories waiting to unfold and be told, which is probably what brought him to travel the world with Remote Year with a camera - that or he’s just happy to see the sun once in a while.

Alexandra Tarr Remote Year

Alexandra Tarr

Libertatem, Program Leader + Teddy Bear Enthusiast

Alexandra loves to dance salsa and she joins Remote Year from her most recent venture of teaching people how to sail and fixing boats. Studying French at University she then went on to work in Events/Wedding planning before spending time helping an educational tech start up launch and working for a volunteer organisation in Cape Town. Alexandra loves tea almost as much as she loves chocolate. You can always find her on or diving under the water and she is just finishing up her qualification as a pilates instructor.  

Jo Lai Remote Year

Jo Lai

Travel Planner

Currently living on an island village near Hong Kong, Jo started out in Montreal, Canada where she ran a tiny art gallery and read in parks. Her love of cultural exploration led her to travel, at first as a seeker and eventually as a professional, planning travel for nomads and working with concierge teams around the world. Off the road, she can be found puttering around her pottery studio or enjoying a glass of wine, occasionally both at the same time.