About Remote Year

The Remote Year Story

In August 2014, two friends dreamed of exploring the world while building their careers. So, they created a website and posed a simple question: “Who wants to travel together for a year while working remotely?” No details or destinations were listed, just a single query and an email box. On the first day, more than 1,000 people signed up. A few months later, thousands of people from all over the world had applied, sharing the belief that great work can be done from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, and that people are most creative and productive when they’re inspired by their surroundings.

Our Founders

Greg Caplan
Founder & CEO
Sam Pessin
Founder & COO

What We Do

Today, Remote Year provides a foundation for professionals to work and explore the world as part of a vibrant global community. The experience allows participants to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, interact with dynamic people, and gain a greater understanding of our individual differences and common humanity.

Remote Year takes care of all traveling, accommodation, co-working, and other logistics for the entire duration of the trip.   We provide reliable work spaces in comfortable environments around the globe, employ knowledgeable local teams to curate immersive cultural experiences, and offer a support network of fellow travelers who often become business partners, and lifelong friends.

We also partner with businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, assisting them in retaining top talent by offering Remote Year as a personal learning and professional growth opportunity.

We believe that exploring the world while working opens up a whole new world of possibilities. We hope you’ll join us. 

Our Values

Work-Life Flexibility

Championing location independent productivity


Coming together with purpose


Expanding our capacity to understand others

Being Present

Having awareness and gratitude for the moment

Global Perspective

Experiencing the world and appreciating its diversity and interconnectedness


Creating the optimistic future you envision

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Our Investors

The company’s investors include Highland Capital Partners, Flybridge, and Betaworks.

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