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Matt Sherwood, Public Speaker on Remote Year

Meet Matt Sherwood, a travel blogger and public speaker making his mark on the Remote Year Nation.
Remote Nation

Diary of a Remote Year Transition Weekend

Veritas Program Leaders Michelle and Chrissy give you an hour-by-hour look into their Transition Weekend.
Remote Nation

New Program: Welcome Remote Year Aurora!

Remote Year Aurora Program Leaders share their hopes and advice for Remotes in the year ahead.
Remote Nation

Why Do People Join Remote Year?

We spoke with members of the Remote Nation to hear the stories behind why they decided to join Remote Year.
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Richard Silver, Photographer on Remote Year

Introducing Richard Silver, a blogger and photographer making waves during his year with Remote Year.
Remote Nation

Remote Year Celebrates the Holiday Season

Remotes took the holidays to the next level in 2017 - just wait until you see what we have in store for 2018!
Notes From the Road

Remote Year and Unsplash Present: Inspiring Places

Remote Year partners with Unsplash to showcase inspiring places around the world in a new photo competition.
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Ariela Kader, Artist on Remote Year

Meet Ariela Kader, an Earhart Remote who is turning her global perspective into thought-provoking art.
Notes From the Road

The Best Gifts to Buy for a Traveler

When you're looking to buy a present for a traveler, who better to ask for advice than Remotes?
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Meet Jay Harrison, Remote Photographer

Get to know Jay Harrison, a Kublai Remote who is changing perspectives through his photographic work.
Notes From the Road

So You're Looking For a Remote Job...

Turn your job into a remote role - or find a new position! Whatever your path to working remotely, we can help.
Notes From the Road

How to Set Up Your Remote Workspace

Whether you're working from a café or a co-working space, we have some tips on what to bring to your workspace.
Notes From the Road

Top 5 Working Cafés in Hanoi, Vietnam

Looking for the perfect café? You've come to the right place. We're breaking down our favorite cafés in Hanoi.
Remote Nation

Remote Year Knowledge Drops

The Remote Year Nation gets together to learn about topics ranging from creative thinking to organization.
Where are they now?

Jeffrey Walsh, Co-Founder of NomoFomo

From OG Remote to Co-Founder of a travel-centric social media platform, Jeffrey Walsh has had quite the journey.
Remote Nation

New Program: Welcome Remote Year Sisu!

A fresh cohort of Remotes just embarked on the journey of a lifetime in Hanoi. Welcome Sisu to the RY family!
Remote Nation

Remote Year Dinner Around the World

From city to city across the world, Remotes came together over something we can all get behind: great food.
Where are they now?

Aaron Bartnick, Director of Oxford Seed Fund

After Aaron Bartnick's Remote Year came to an end, he continued his remote working lifestyle from Israel to Iraq
Meet the Team

Anastasia Chapman, Balboa Program Leader

Supporting a large group of people while furthering the concept of remote working? All in a day's work.

Twelve Months on Remote Year - Zoë Björnson

A year may seem like a long time, but it passes in the blink of an eye. Zoë Björnson details her Remote Year.

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