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Notes From the Road

Go Ahead, Ask to Work Remotely. (You Won’t Get Fired)

Let go of the fear that's holding you back and open your mind to the possibility of what life could look like if you had a bit more flexibility.
Notes From the Road

Find Your Personal Paradise: Introducing Remote Year Elysian

This is the year that you find your personal paradise within this wide world. Join the ride with Remote Year Elysian.
Remote Nation

How to Build a Business on Remote Year: The Josh Boone Story

Josh Boone built a business on Remote Year Magellan, and one after becoming a Citizen. Safe to say he made the most out of his Remote Year.
Notes From the Road

What is Remote Work?

Remote work is on the rise. It's more than a buzzword - it's an entirely new way of living. Learn how it works and why people work remotely.
Notes From the Road

How to Start Working Remotely One Day a Week

One small step for you, one giant leap toward a life of possibility. Follow our lead to start working remotely one day a week.
Notes From the Road

These 5 Personal Development Ideas Will Change Your Life

You know that you want more out of life, but you don't know how to make your next move. Start with these five personal development ideas.
Notes From the Road

8 Tips for Remote Work Beginners

Working remotely for the first time? Let these eight tips and tricks get you started and ensure your success.
Notes From the Road

Make this Year Your “Great One”: Introducing Remote Year Denali

Let this year be unlike any other. Follow your dreams and exceed expectations with Remote Year Denali.
Remote Nation

58 Homes. $116,000. One Remote Year Community.

What do we mean by Positive Impact? Remote Year Yugen took this concept to the next level with their project, Yugen Build.
Notes From the Road

Future of Work Summit 2018: The Who, The What, The Where and The Why

People are the power behind your business. Join us for Future of Work Summit 2018 to discuss the necessity of developing a globally aware workforce.
Notes From the Road

4 Arguments that HR Professionals Should Make for Remote Work

Want to make remote work *work* for your organization? Start with these four arguments.
Notes From the Road

Brave, Bold, Boundary-Breaking: Introducing Remote Year Jemison

Say goodbye to the things that are holding you back. Take the leap with Remote Year Jemison.
Remote Nation

When the Dust Settles: Reflecting on Remote Year Month One

With Month One under her belt, Vanesa Cotlar reflects and prepares for the eleven months of her journey still to come.
Notes From the Road

What is a Work and Travel Program?

Work and travel programs are about so much more than work and travel. Let us explain.
Remote Nation

From Day One: Welcome Remote Year Kanyini!

Remote Year Kanyini hit the ground running in Kuala Lumpur and left some advice for aspiring Remotes.
Notes From the Road

Cape Town Watered Down

What's the current water situation in Cape Town? Local Experience Manager Josh Swart explains Remote Year's impact.
Remote Nation

I Took My Employee With Me on Remote Year

And the award for best boss ever goes to... Laura Gallaher from Remote Year Kanyini!
Notes From the Road

What Companies Are Getting Wrong About Remote Work

What comes to mind when you think of remote work? We're breaking down the myths behind this lifestyle.
Remote Nation

One Year Goes By So Fast: Farewell, Remote Year Kublai!

Kublai, we'll never forget you. Join us as we reminisce on an incredible year with the Kubs.
Remote Nation

Your European Summer Is Calling: Introducing Remote Year Kairos

Spend four months in some of Europe's most prolific cities.
Speed Networking

See the World Through the Eyes of Minho Kim

Minho Kim showcases his own perspectives of nature and iconic architecture while on Remote Year.

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