First Week in Asia

Our first week in the Asian leg of our journey was amazing!  We really soaked up the explosion of culture and flavor in our new home Penang.  Penang is truly a melting pot of many different cultures and the diversity comes through in amazing food, art, music, architecture and more.  George Town, where we live, was classified as a unesco world heritage location for these reasons.

Penang was rated the #1 food destination by Lonely Planet last year and it is easy to see why the minute you get here.  Hawkers (pronounced hock-ahs) line the streets and serve some of the most diverse, amazing cuisines.

Penang is know for their street art including cool wire art depicting aspects of their local culture.

While we spent time exploring, Remotes also began adjusting to the new work schedules that come with Asian hours and our new work space.


We hosted three local experts for a lunch and learn as we explored the history and culture of Georgetown and Penang.  The speakers were Jason Sim, Penang Global Tourism, Lee So Cheran, Invest Penang and Andy Koay, Georgetown World Heritage Incorporated.

A group of Remotes rented bikes and spent the day riding all the way around the island.

On Saturday, Scott and Andrew went to Devfest Georgetown.  In this session, a group is learning how to do more with Polymer.

Andrew met the guys who make a height-increasing shoe called Schuhster. "When I put these bad boys on, I was 9cm taller!"

Saturday morning, the apartment crew made a killer brunch. 

Throughout the week, Remotes checked out the national parks including Monkey Beach and the botanical gardens.

Last week, Cooper, Garcia, and Conley completed an epic hike of Penang Hill. It took 3 hours and they summited two peaks...somehow. 

"We toured the Tibetan and Burmese Buddhist temples. Buddha, buddha, buddha, buddha, buddha everywhere:"