Week 3 in Penang

In our third week in Penang, our connections really started to develop with the people and culture.  We hosted our first ever monthly Remote Year networking event.  The goal is to invite the connections each Remote has made in a city so that we can all cross pollinate.

Many Remotes checked out the 9 Gods Festival parade.  Rods ceremonially pierced through one cheek is the final night Georgetown parade of the Emperor Gods Festival

Fernanda made a video of it on her Youtube channel.  On her channel she shares her findings on trends, lifestyle and entrepreneurship, since the beginning of our journey (mostly in Portuguese with English subtitles).  See more here

And continued exploring the city.

Penang's snake temple

A group of Remotes took a weekend diving trip to Sipadan island, which is known to have some of the best diving in the world.