This Man Plans to Start His Own Country!

A few days ago we had the opportunity to host Vit Jedlička, President of Liberland.  

From Wikipedia:

Liberland, officially the Free Republic of Liberland (Czech: Svobodná republika Liberland), is a self-proclaimed micronation claiming a parcel of land on the western bank of the Danube river between Croatia and Serbia, sharing a land border with the former. It was proclaimed on 13 April 2015 by Czech libertarian politician and activist Vít Jedlička.[1][4]

The official website of Liberland states that the nation was created due to the ongoing Croatia–Serbia border dispute.[2][5][6] There has been no diplomatic recognition of Liberland by any country from the United Nations.

Croatia has denied Liberland followers and staff access to the area since the beginning of May 2015.[7] Vít Jedlička was twice detained for less than a day by Croatian authorities in the same month. Croatian police continued detaining people for illegal border crossing.

Vit's vision for Liberland was somewhat unexpected in that his main focus was on the tax situation.  He didn't seem too worried about the specific parcel of land or the culture of his population, as he kept coming back to Liberland's ability to free people from their tax hell and welcome them into a tax haven.  He believes tax rates should be around 3 - 6% of GDP, not higher and the government should only provide very limited things required to govern such as courts and police.

He has already gotten support from people all over the world for Liberland, including libertarians, wealthy individuals and a smattering of governmental officials in seemingly random parts of random governments across the world. He boasted about the press mentions he has garnered and the email sign-ups he has captured as well as the potential Liberland embassies all over the world.  

To become a citizen of Liberland, one must first help Liberland's cause in some way and second they must attend one of their weekly boat parties.  The boat party is intended to bring people to Liberland and taunt the police constantly patrolling the Liberland boarders from Croatia, who are charged with keeping Liberland citizens off of their claimed land.

Both Serbia and Croatia don't claim the land of Liberland to be their own, they also don't recognize Liberland as a country and have decided to actively restrict Vit and his followers from entering Liberland.  Vit believes that one day the boat party participants will join Vit in overwhelming the patrols and charge the banks to enter Liberland.  Once entered, he believes, they won't be able to be forcibly removed because they will be protected by international law.

I'm not sure what the implications on global trade and taxes would be if Vit can pull off creating a tax haven for his followers and supporters, but it is worth definitely keeping an eye on Vit as he pushes forward with his mission and continues questioning preconceived notions of nations, boarders, taxes and more.