Bohemian Rhapsody: Musings from Prague

We are now over three weeks into Prague and with heavy hearts we look toward our move to Ljubljana on Saturday.  Remotes really began to feel settled in our new home, seamlessly navigating around Prague.

Sarah took in some culture while working in old town.

Trish and Jesse got comfortable in Trish's hammock on a tram.

A big group of Remotes soaked up some culture at a performance of Swan Lake.

To celebrate Jessie's birthday, a group of people went out to a hookah lounge.

On Tuesday morning, Chris S. hosted a chat on how his team at Mellenial Media uses Trello to be more productive.

Remotes spent more time with our old friend Vit, the President of Liberland.

On Tuesday we celebrated genders with a Women's night and Mensday.  The ladies went out for chocolate and wine...

While the men went to a rum and cigar bar before Cheeseburgers and finally laser tag.

Reid actually ate that whole cheeseburger!

Reid actually ate that whole cheeseburger!


On Wednesday night we hosted an Unconference with Node5, a local a technology focused co-working space and Start-Up Yard, the leading tech accelerator in Prague. 

An Un-Conference is a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events.  People will throw out ideas for topics to discuss and then we will break into smaller groups to talk about those ideas.  These could be anything from digital privacy to meditation and everything in between.  


Starting on Friday, we hosted Youjin Do in Prague  filming Remote Year for the Digital Nomad Documentary for the next few days.  She is traveling all over the world filming Digital Nomad's to tell the world about the movement.  Check out her website to learn more.

On Friday we had a group meditation session.

Our running group took a quick pit-stop at the local craft beer festival.

Friday night got rolling with a huge group game of Never Have I Ever, where we learned some interesting details about each other.

A small group of Remotes headed to Vienna for the weekend, but made sure to get their work done... mobiley 

On Saturday we took a day trip to Karlovy Vary, which is know for its hot springs.  The city was breath taking with beautiful architecture lining the river cutting through the heart of the city surrounded by huge hills. 

We got some great views hiking around.

Had a small accident playing on a see-saw.

HP helped document the experience.

Chris was amazed at the beautiful architecture.

Brittany and Caryn taught Nate some cheerleading skills.

After a long day, everybody caught some ZzZz's on the ride home.

Once we got back and got some sleep, we all met up at a bowling alley to celebrate Bunny and Jesse's birthdays.  

Team brunch overlooking the river.

Mitch connected with Swans.

In the heart of the city right near the castle, we wandered into a courtyard to find a huge pack of peacocks.  We were so lucky that it is mating season and got to see a few peacocks strut their stuff.  Peacock pictured below ended up getting rejected :(

Trevor Jesse and Marc enjoyed Thai massages.

The inaugural matchup of the RYFC resulted in a win for fun.

Bunny helped us leave our mark on the Lennon Wall to end our third week in Prague.