Welcome to Ljubljana

As our Prague chapter came to a close, Remotes took one final round of the city and crossed off the final items on their bucket lists.

Joe and Jaime B. caught an amazing sunrise over the river.

Manu checked out the TV Tower.

Fabio took a group of people to a South American food festival to show off his local Brazilian cuisines.

Fabio brought back some mate, a traditional Brazilian caffeinated drink.

Joe sampled some Mate while getting some work done.

Wednesday people celebrated Bethany's birthday with amazing views from the TV Tower.

Kai and Kimmoy learned to salsa in the park.

Our last night in Prague we rented a boat and cruised along the river one last time.

We woke up early on Saturday morning and loaded everybody onto a double decker bus to drive 9 hours through Austria to Slovenia.

Joe showed off his video of his experiences in Prague

Check out the video:

9 hours flew by as everybody spent some time really getting to know each other.

We had some scenic views at a gas station pit stop.

We finally arrived in Ljubljana late at night.  

On Sunday everybody got up early and explored our new home.

Chris biked around through the graffiti filled streets in what is ranked one of the top 20 most bikeable cities in the world.

The running crew got a great reward at the top of the hill with a great view of the city next to the castle.

We ended Sunday night with some beautiful views of the river.

They call Ljubljana the City of Dragons, and on our walk home along the bridge, the dragon protector puffed his chest and blew a big fireball into the sky to welcome us to his city.

Monday morning everybody got a tour of our new work space, Poligon