Week 1 Recap

Week 1 began without a bang - it was really quiet in the office as everybody got to work right away.

Chris found a great nook to get some work done next to his rolled up Remote Year t-shirt.

We walked to Riegrovy Sady, a grass covered hill that has a great beer garden at the top.  Hannah (hand up) organized a traditional Czech lunch of open-faced sandwiches. 

Kai stopped for some Trdelnik, a traditional Czech sweet.

Kimmoy having a good time getting some work done!

1st run for the Remote year running group.

Sila's view working remotely in the National Library.

We had a packed crowd for 'Czech Chat'.  Remotes had fun learning some basic Czech.

HP deep in thought...

We went to žluté Lázně for the day on Saturday and played volleyball, layed along the river, stand-up paddle boarded, and barbecued.


Necessary group picture at the end of the day at žluté Lázně

Our day of activities ended with an amazing sunset over the river.

Then a group of people went to U Sudu, an awesome cave bar.

Remotes got intense with some cavern foosball!

Joe had to get some work done at the Raw Fest while Chris caught some sun Sunday morning.

Hannah lead the whole group through the old city on an evening walking tour.

We saw some amazing views of the city from Prague Castle

Remotes got tired from so much walking and hung out outside Prague Castle

The city couldn't look better as the sun set as we ended our walking tour and week.