Ljubljana, but my friends just call me Loobs

We've now been in Ljubljana for long enough to drop the formalities.  Now that Loobs feels like home, it's time to start getting ready for our next stop, Croatia.  

It was a crazy week with getting through the heatwave while getting work done.  Temperatures hit over 100 degrees F, which is the hottest it has ever been in Ljubljana.  Once we made it through in one piece Remotes explored far and wide over the weekend!

We started the week with a town hall meeting.

Then everybody got to work.

A group of Remotes checked out the Two Cellos - check out this link to get an idea of how cool they are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT3SBzmDxGk

Together with Poligon, we hosted a Start-up Meet-up for Remote Year to meet with a wide range of Slovenian startups! Each gave a short presentation of their concept/product and then we had breakout time to ask questions, share ideas, and eat together.

List of Startups that presented

1. visionect: https://www.visionect.com
2. zemanta: http://www.zemanta.com
3. kobeiagi kilims: http://kobeiagikilims.com
4. pod črto: http://podcrto.si/about/
5. jollydeck: http://www.jollydeck.com
6. travelstarter: https://www.travelstarter.com
7. hekovnik: http://www.hekovnik.si
8. crowdfunding.si: http://www.crowdfunding.si/alpha/en/
9. scoutee: http://scoutee.co
10. popupdom: http://www.popupdom.si

...and more work

Geetika is a Creative Director and HP is a freelance engineer.  He is working on a mapping project and asked Geetika to help him think through some user flows.  Amazing moment of Remote Year collaboration!

The Trio got some work done at sunset as they prepared for their trip.  


The Trio got their first client for their social media marketing service that they created together on Remote Year - the Slovenian tourism organization.

Their job was to see the great things Slovenia has to offer tourists and document their experience.  They were allowed to bring three other Remotes along for their journey.


Idrija Mercury Mine UNESCO world heritage site - group in the mine.JPG

Rafting with Maya Športini Turizem on soca river https://www.facebook.com/Maya.Tolmin

They biked to the Mulec Winery for a tour and tasting. https://www.facebook.com/VinoMulec 

They went to the Pac Sports Hostel Pod Voglom where they boated and did rope swings http://www.hostel-podvoglom.com/sl/sport/ponudba/poletni-program/kajk-kanu

On Friday we went as a big group to the Škocjan Caves.  The Škocjan Cavesis, above all, a natural phenomenon of global significance, ranking side by side with the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, & Mount Everest. 

Tired group after a long day hiking through caves.


We got a great sunset as we drank and ate at the weekly Open Kitchen in the middle of Loobs.

Many Remotes escaped the city to check out the natural beauty around Slovenia.

While other Remotes checked out Budapest.


Another group was invited by some local Slovenian's that they met to their beach house on the coast for the weekend.