Not Alone... In Ljubljana

We are now just over a week into living in our new home, Ljubljana.  This city has an incredible vibe with a picturesque downtown surrounded by curving streets full of graffiti lined streets teaming with artisan restaurants, bars, coffee shops and creative spaces.

Our workspace, Poligon, is a huge open space with an existing community of local creatives and innovators.  They have a maker space with 3 3-D printers that they made themselves as well as multiple companies that launched on Kickstarter, including the Zen Egg.  Everybody has shown a renewed focus on professional growth and success in Ljubljana and the office has been packed until after 10 pm.  Also, now that people know each other better, real collaboration has become the norm, with people teaching their skills, starting projects and leaning on each other for support.

Stephen, Stacey and Kevin gathered on the couch as they all wrote code for different iOS apps on their macs.  Basically an Apple ad.


Our friends from Hacker Paradise joined us for the first part of the week and Alexey (co-founder) checked out the specs of Poligon's wifi set up.

A great diner in a tram right outside our workspace is the best place to eat out.

On Tuesday a friend from the workspace led a big group of Remotes in a Yoga training in the park.

Jessie led a group in a 'Life Hacks' session, where Remotes traded tips and tricks for everything Remote including Travel + Lodging Hacks, Finance Hacks, Work + Productivity Hacks, Social + Communication Hacks , Gadget, Tech + Logistics Hacks, Eatz Hacks and Map Hacks.


The Brazilian gang went off together to get work done in Portuguese seclusion. 

On a nice day, any park with wifi can become an office for Remotes.

But most people chose to come in to our comfortable work space to get stuff done.

Many Remotes took advantage of the fitness area in the new living space with Yoga and other work out classes.

With our increased focus on professional productivity week one in Ljubljana, we got energized by some coffee inspiration.


Doug Barber, founder of Minaal came in to meet our community and tell his story of dropping his legal job to create the perfect travelers backpack.  He has been working and traveling ever since, living out of his 35 Liter bag.  Thanks to Chris Scott for connecting us with him!  Surprisingly, 5 Remotes have Minaal bags that they are living out of and swear by them.

Taking risks in the bike lane.

Group lunch by the park on a beautiful day.


Remotes watching as Hannah presented the schedule for the week at Town Hall.


Great view of the river through the lock bridge.

Brittney organized a side-projects meet up for Remotes to share what they are working on and get help and advice from each other as well as keep each other motivated to achieve their goals.

This week there was a street perfomance festival throughout Ljubljana.  We enjoyed performances of ballet, theater, break dancing and more!

Many people had the day off on Friday in observance of the 3rd of July, so they took the time to relax with their feet in the river while sipping white wine.

Jessie and Brittney took a two day trip to Lake Bled and saw some amazing views.

A big group also took an excursion for some hiking, boating and sky diving.  

A different group rented a van and headed to the mountains where they mountain biked, hiked and did group meditations against breath taking views and happy sheep.

Meanwhile, back in Ljubljana a big group enjoyed the sun at the Atlantis water park.

On Saturday night we were invited by a group of locals to a Freedom party in the middle of the forest to celebrate fourth of July.  Once our cabs finally found the parking lot, we hiked to the big clearing.  There was a huge bon fire with smores and DJ booth covered in American flags.  People hung out talking until after sunrise before heading back home.

Sunday everybody took it easy, playing games in the wood room.  

A small group stayed awake to watch the Women's World Cup Finals to end the first week in Ljubljana.