Week 3 in Cavtat: We can get used to this...

As we head into our final week in Croatia, everybody has been soaking in the salt and sun, enjoying the peaceful life on the coast.

Marc happily got some work done from a reclining position in our work space.

Cassie organized a Jazz night for the group.

There were many dinners cooked throughout the week...

There were also a few dinners out, enjoying fresh seafood along the coast.

And people got to work from scenic vantage points.

We held a Remote Year values session, where we tried to identify two things: 1) shared values of the group, and 2) what Remotes really wanted to get out of the RY experience. 


Groups made posters about what Remote Year meant to them and presented to the group

In preparation for the session, we had people fill out a survey, and we made a Wordl out of their free-form responses

Hannah lead a group of Remotes to a local dog shelter, where we helped clean up, organize, and care for the dogs.  Since then, two more groups have returned to pitch in and a team of people on Remote Year are now building the shelter a new website to help build support.

The weekend kicked off with a big brunch for Nicki's birthday.

While some other people checked out some views around town.

One group went for a hike.

Cristovam's girlfriend came in town from Brazil and brought ingredients to host a Brazilian themed party.