Jumping to Japan

We celebrated an amazing holiday season with our new Remote Year family as 2015 came to an end and headed over to Japan right after the start of the new year.

Cameron and Greg U. went to Con Dao, off the south coast off Vietnam.  The intention was to do some diving, but the winds were too fierce for too long - 2m+ seas, with very limited visibility.  So they rented some scooters and rode around the island a bit.

Geetika 'Drew' her New Years Resolutions and Plans of building off of the success she had launching Vawaa.  If you haven't heard of it yet, Vawaa, or Vacation with an artist is a platform for finding and booking studio sessions with curated artists around the world.  Check out www.vawaa.com

She also spent a day hanging out and cooking with local Vietnamese artists in a small town called Tam Dao. 

Geetika also visited Bat Trang, a traditional porcelain and pottery village with history of seven centuries near Hanoi. It's handmade ceramics can be found in stores globally, including IKEA and Target.  

Joe hosted his famous Joe Matta work-out to get people ready for the holiday feasts.

Everybody brought out their new custom made clothes to celebrate Remote Year Christmas.  Some of them looked like secret service agents and others looked more like members of the Kringle  family.

We all gathered for an amazing Christmas dinner, an early teaser of a new concept Joe is working on around experiential dining events.

At the end of Christmas dinner, Cassie, Nate, Dave and Sam surprised everybody with a Christmas song performance.  

Everybody lounged out for a lazy Christmas day as we hosted a puppy from a local couple.

At our New Year's party, Remotes busted out tons of crazy custom clothing from the expert Vietnamese tailors. 

Throughout the holiday week, many people checked out one of the seven new wonders of the world, Halong Bay.

We boarded a plane and headed into our 8th month of Remote Year in Kyoto, Japan.

Sam was brought good luck by getting his head bit by the traditional Japanese dragon dancers.