The third Remote Year program is now in full swing and we've successfully initiated another tribe of crazy folks who left their lives, hopped on a plane to Córdoba, Argentina, and joined us in pursuit of a weird and wonderful life. Let's take a look at who they are:

Their journeys began on arrival day where one by one, the remotes arrived in Argentina from all corners of the globe!

After a deserving night's sleep, the remotes arrived at Incutex Monday morning and got straight to work.

The Incutex Tech Pub is a fantastic space for everyone to gather for meals, coke and fernet, introductions, and even magic shows!

The inaugural Museum Wednesday! Every week, history and culture nerds get to explore a different local museum.

Orientation weekend consisted of a lot of Adele's "Hello", a big party and dinner by the river, and wrapped up with a Cousteau city scavenger hunt!


The whole gang. Here's to a great year ahead!

To stay tuned with everything Cousteau, make sure to follow the remotes as they document their year: