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Remote Year Celebrates the Holiday Season

Remotes celebrate many holidays throughout the year, and the Remote Nation comes together for them all. To wrap up an incredible 2017, Remotes went the extra mile in making their current location feel like home.

The Remote Nation stretches around the world - but we always find a way to come together for the moments that matter most. While many people are gathering around their friends and families to enjoy festive feasts or gift exchanges this time of year, the Remote Nation finds comfort in the company of each other. Below you’ll get a glimpse into what it looks like to celebrate a holiday on Remote Year and even spot a few familiar faces!

Remotes made holiday cards…

Remote Year Sisu in Thailand
‍Remote Year Sisu in Thailand

Remote Year Kublai in Chile
‍Remote Year Kublai in Chile

Remote Year Balboa in Colombia
‍Remote Year Balboa in Colombia

Remote Year Veritas in Argentina
‍Remote Year Veritas in Argentina

...threw a party or two...

Remote Year Yugen in Bali
‍Remote Year Yugen in Bali

Remote Year Earhart in Argentina
‍Remote Year Earhart in Argentina

Remote Year Kaizen in Peru
‍Remote Year Kaizen in Peru

Remote Year Meraki in Kyoto
‍Remote Year Meraki in Kyoto

Remote Year Aurora in Argentina
‍Remote Year Aurora Program Leaders joined in on Remote Year Earhart’s celebrations in Argentina

...and one program began the journey of a lifetime on New Year's Eve in Buenos Aires.

Remote Year Aurora in Buenos Aires
Remote Year Aurora celebrates New Year's Eve in Buenos Aires

Remote Year wishes you and yours a happy holiday season and an even happier New Year!

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