See the world without
using your holidays.

Our experience is set up for you to live like a local at each destination on your itinerary.
Remote Year accommodations and workspaces are in some of the most popular areas in cities across Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Check out the cities below that may be on your Remote Year itinerary.

Latin America

Andean peaks, Spanish colonial jewels, indigenous markets, seductive milongas,
shamanic rituals, verdant wonders, and Mayan treasures.

Lima, Peru

Mexico City, Mexico

Medellín, Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia

Santiago, Chile

Córdoba, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Gothic castles, golden beaches, haunting fado music, Dalmatian palaces, Cold War history, mouthwatering paella, and steaming thermal baths.

Valencia, Spain

Belgrade, Serbia

Lisbon, Portugal

Prague, Czech Republic

Split, Croatia

Sofia, Bulgaria


Gilded temples, tantalizing street food, bustling night markets, sweeping rice terraces, shimmering skyscrapers, booming entrepreneurship, majestic limestone karsts, and relaxing tropical islands.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kyoto, Japan


Pastel-painted derbs, table-top mountains, maze-like medinas, enchanting spices, world-class art galleries, striking street art, and innovation incubators.

Cape Town, South Africa

Marrakesh, Morocco

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