Remote Work and Where to Find It

Learn everything you need to know about remote work so you can start your remote job search today.

So you're interested in learning more about remote work...

While Remote Year cannot provide a remote job for you to do while traveling with our program, we can point you in the direction of resources that others have found helpful in their job search. Keep in mind, each Remote Year participant must have their own professional plan in place in order to participate in one of our programs.

In this e-book we'll list all the necessary resources you'll need to understand what remote work is and how to land your perfect remote role. Are you excited? We are too — so let's get started.

Chapter 1

So... what is remote work?

Before you start looking for a remote job, you should understand what remote work is and why people do it. Resources in this section will give you a rundown of what you should know about remote work, and a study we did with And.Co about the current state and future of work.

Chapter 2

What jobs can be done remotely? Can my current job be done remotely?

Now that we've established what remote work is, now we can move onto what jobs can be done remotely — including the one you have now! Before you quit your job to find a remote one, our resources will help you find out if you can transition your current role remotely.

If you realize your job is remote-work friendly then you can check out our Enterprise Solutions Team resource to understand how we can help talk to your employer about making that transition.

If you realize you'll need a new job, then check out our list of common location independent careers — this will help you understand what kind of roles work best for working remotely.

Chapter 3

How to Find a Remote Job

If our Enterprise Solutions Team Process is not for you and you can't stop thinking about remote work, that's okay — we'd still be happy to have you traveling with one of our programs! Click below to help you get started with your remote job search. Good luck!

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