What is Remote Year?

What is Remote Year?

Remote Year provides a foundation for 50-80 inspiring professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and adventurers explore the world as part of a vibrant global community.

During a year-long journey, participants (called "Remotes) work and live in a different city around the globe each month and see the world as they never have before while growing personally and professionally.

Inspired yet?  To embark on an adventure that will change your life, Request an invitation to apply. 

*Remote Year is not a job provider. You provide the remote job, we provide the infrastructure to make the journey possible

What's Included

What's Included

The one thing Remotes say time and again about what makes their year-long experience so meaningful is the diverse and exciting community of travelers who embark on this journey together. There are tons of tangible benefits included with Remote Year, too. Here’s a rundown:



No matter where you are in the world, you’ll always have a place to yourself to call home. Accommodations vary from city to city, but always include:

  • a private bedroom in an apartment

  • a strong Internet connection

  • maintenance support

  • linens, towels, and sheets

  • an opportunity to prioritize living arrangement preferences

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Remote Year takes care of all transportation between destinations on your 12-city itinerary for the year. This saves Remotes countless hours of planning, providing participants with more time to immerse themselves in local cultures, focus on their work, and explore the best of each destination.

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Co-working Spaces

We believe that you’re at your most creative when you’re inspired by your surroundings. That’s why we provide 24/7 access to some of the most dynamic and collaborative co-working spaces in each city.

All co-working spaces are guaranteed to be less than a 30-minute commute from your private bedroom and feature reservable private rooms and safe and reliable Wi-Fi.

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We love co-working spaces so much, we built two of our own in Lisbon and Split!


Career and Personal Development Experiences

Embarking on a year-long journey around the world is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow–both professionally and personally.  That’s where “Tracks” and “Collectives” come in.  Every month, Remotes are given several opportunities to take part in immersive experiences curated by Remote Years’ local teams to help Remotes discover each destination’s unique culture.  Tango lesson at a milonga in Buenos Aires? Lunch in Medellin with startup founders? Claro, que si! 

We also host monthly Collectives to help Remotes develop and grow their professional skills.


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And there's more...

  • Professional development seminars throughout the year
  • Extensive coaching and guidance available to help you transition to a remote working arrangement with your employer (more on that below…)
  • A valuable alumni community of Remote Year “Citizens” offering networking opportunities and free monthly memberships at select worldwide co-working spaces
  •  Exclusive Remote Year discounts from local partners
How to Apply

How to Apply to Remote Year

There are three steps.


Step 1: Request Your Application Invite and Apply

To start, fill in an application request to tell us a little bit about yourself and to help us understand if Remote Year is right for you.  You'll then be invited to complete an application. This is where you tell us more about your employment situation, your personal and professional goals for the year, and your possible departure dates.

video call

Step 2: Video Interview

Selected applicants will be asked to participate in a video interview with a member of our admissions team.  Here, we'll get to know you and give you a chance to ask any questions you might have about Remote Year.

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Step 3: Accepting your Offer, Employee Approval, and Downpayment

If you’re accepted, you’ll then receive an offer from our admissions committee for a specific Remote Year program. If you require permission from your employer, this is when we start working on your Employer Approval Process.  Once this is complete (or if it is not required), submit your downpayment to lock in your spot on your Remote Year program.


Still have questions?  Check out our Application Process FAQ.

Getting a Remote Job

Transitioning to a Remote Role

Many Remotes are freelancers and entrepreneurs, but just as many work for companies in traditionally non-remote roles.


Remote Work

Remote Year is a work and travel program, and all participants will need their own remote jobs once their program starts.  While Remote Year is not a job-provider, we are available to help get your employer comfortable with a remote-work arrangement.

Greg at GoRemote NYC

Employee Approval Process

We have developed an Employer Approval Process that has helped hundreds of employees working for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike transition from traditional in-house positions to remote ones.  In fact, 79% of eligible applicants we’ve worked with have been able to turn their traditional roles into remote-working roles.  For more information, check out this post by one of our Admissions Consultants.

79% of eligible applicants who present their case to their employer succeed in turning their non-remote role into a remote role.


Helpful Resources


Remote Year Program Costs

Think of Remote Year as trading in your rent, utilities, and monthly bills for a life-changing year of falling in love with the world, working on things you love, and creating a network of creative professionals whose guidance and encouragement will stay with you long after the trip.


Remote Year 12 Months Program Fees

The total cost of the program is $27,000. There is an initial down payment of $5,000 USD due at acceptance, followed by $2,000 USD each month for the first 11 months, with no payment due on the 12th month.

For more information, check out these two honest posts by a past Remote, or this post from a Remote Year Admissions Consultant.


Other Costs to Keep in Mind

  • Transportation to and from the program's first destination and last destinations.
  • Food, drink, and personal items.
  • Activities and trips not included in Remote Year programming.

This year is going to be different, and so will every year after it.
Request your Remote Year application invitation today.