The Experience

The Remote Year Experience

You're about to embark on a yearlong journey around the world with a global community of open minded and adventurous people.  You’re not a local, but you’re also not a tourist.  You're a Remote—and the best of both worlds will be at your fingertips in every city you visit.  Our goal is to fill your year with opportunities for unique and inspiring moments, engaging growth experiences, meaningful connections, and deep cultural and social immersion.  On Remote Year, change is inevitable, growth is intentional. 


Local Experience Tracks

Local Experience Tracks are curated, authentic, local experiences designed specifically for and chosen by you. Remote Year Experience Managers design each city's Tracks to help Remotes immerse themselves into the unique character of each of their temporary homes through a theme that captivates their interests.

ex. Tracks in Split, Croatia:

  • "Uncharted Territory" - Citing Croatia's history of exploration and adventure, find out how the tradition lives on in the creative minds of citizens pushing the country in new directions.

  • "Beauty in Hardship" - Learn how the citizens of a country war-torn just 20 years ago learned to find beauty in hardship, and how they continue to do so today.

  • "On the Edge" - 1,800 kms of coastline and 40 mountain peaks mean Croatians live on the edge, and these extremes drive the culture- geographically and socially.

  • "All the 'Croat' Things" - Croatia is a diverse place.  The landscape, food, music, people, and even the seasons.  Explore the different lifestyles of the region and broaden your perspective.

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Collectives are collaborative workshop platforms within your Remote Year community designed to foster growth and the development of new skills at the intersection of personal and professional development.  Each Collective is led by a "Master" Remote and happen continuously throughout the year.

Some past collectives have centred around conflict resolution, building a personal brand, rescripting failure, and design thinking.

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Community Events and Activities

Community events and activities are organized by Remote Year and open to your entire Remote Year community. They offer an opportunity to connect with your community (and others!) and celebrate successes.  Events may include City Previews, Orientations, The Junction (Monthly Networking Event), Farewell Events and Town Hall Meetings.  

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Positive Social Impact

Remote Year offers Remotes a unique chance to positively impact the world, and we strive to create opportunities for growth through cross-cultural and communal collaboration.  Remotes are given the opportunity to give back to the communities they make their temporary homes through programs like 'Charity Makeovers' (think hackathon, but for a local charity) and 'Community Live' events (lending a hand in local areas of need).  

Some Recent Projects Include:

girl guide cambodia fundraiser

Remote Year communities Magellan and Battuta stayed in local homestays for a weekend while spearheading a fundraising effort that raised $3400 for the Girls Guides of Cambodia

building a house in peru

While in Lima, Remote Year community Ikigai raised enough money in under 24 hours to build a new home for a family displaced by the worst flooding the country's seen in 20 year.  enough money to.  Remotes even traveled to the Province of Cañete to build the house themselves in just two days.

Monkey website

Several remotes built a website complete with donation functionalities, monkey profiles, and a promotional video with a monkey rehabilitation centre called ‘Proyecto Carayas Monkey Sanctuary’ in Cordoba, Argentina.  Read more here.

building signs in colombia

Remotes helped the town of La Chorrera, Colombia improve their English signage to help encourage higher tourist revenue for the locals population.

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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of a Remote Year Remote

There is no 'typical' Remote Year experience, but everything we do is aimed at helping our Remotes make the most of their experience- whatever that means to them.  There is no such thing as a typical day on Remote Year either, but this should give you an idea. 

yoga on rooftop

7:30 AM

Wake up.  Meet up with other Remotes for yoga on rooftop.  Walk to a café for coffee and rohlík in Prague /  nasi lemak in Kuala Lumpur.

overlooking cusco.jpg

9:00 AM

Arrive at coworking space.  Have a client call overlooking the Knez Mihailova in Belgrade / Medellín’s Parque Lleras.  Do good work.

street scene

12:30 PM

Take a stroll to the main plaza for a burrito in Mexico City /  some Pho in Hanoi.  Sit on a bench and watch some street performers.  Smile at the school kids walking by.  Absorb the city’s energy and vibes.

dinner in split

6:30 PM

Wrap up your workday feeling great.  Grab some friends and take them to that restaurant you heard about that serves the best ceviche in Lima /  tapas in Valencia.  Plan your weekend trip to Ankor wat from Phenom Phen / the Cliffs of Dover from London.  Grab a drink and hear a band play some fado in Lisbon / música tipica in Santiago.

streets of cartagena

9:00 PM

Walk back to your neighbourhood in Madīnat Atīqat in Rabat / Miraflores in Lima with a few Remotes.  Ask for advice on new project you’re working on.  Have a lightbulb moment.  Arrive at your new home.  Update Facebook status.

“Life is good.”    

Helpful Resources

Useful Resources

Deciding to take a year of your life to travel the world and work remotely isn't easy, so we've collected some of the best pieces of content written by staff and Remotes to help answer your questions and inspire you.


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