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Remote Year doesn’t end when your program is over.

As a Citizen, you’ll be invited to participate in Remote Nation activities such as Nation Houses (meetups around a central theme), Knowledge Drops (skill-sharing webinars), Nation social activities, and periodic pop-up events in cities around the globe.

If you continue traveling after your program concludes — it is, after all, a pretty tough lifestyle to give up! — you’ll be entitled to discounts on anything Remote Year offers including workspaces, travel, accommodation, and experiences within select cities. We also offer Citizens special packages, such as three-month “summer in Europe” deals, discounts on four-month programs, opportunities to drop-in and travel with other RY communities, or chances to be part of the first crew in a pioneer RY city.

The Remote Year 'Future of Work' Summit 2017 in Austin, Texas. View on Instagram

Remote Year Nation Slack is a great resource for keeping apprised of current events, swapping travel tips with other seasoned vets, and figuring out where in the world you can find fellow Citizens. You’ll quickly learn there’s a reason why so many Citizens prefer “see you later” to “goodbye” when they part ways — quite a few Remotes continue to globetrot after their programs end.