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City Teams

In each destination on your program’s itinerary, Remote Year’s local City Teams will take care of all things on the ground. Think of these staff members as sources of insider info — the kind of intel you’d be hard-pressed to find on an internet listicle. 

City Teams are responsible for setting up Track events, helping you get oriented, and fixing anything “off” in your apartment ASAP. They’re also the people who will help you scope out the best deals on things like gym discounts or group surfing classes.

These talented team members are passionate about sharing their culture with the Remote Year community. Don’t be surprised if they invite you to their house for a home-cooked meal, offer to hit the town with you, or introduce you to their local friends and family.

City Team in Prague, Czech Republic

[Paulina was] the perfect addition to our Darien family. (...) The energy she brought to the group was a welcome shot of adrenaline. She was always there to help facilitate events, answer questions, ensure we had a great time at our Track events, be our group's abuela and counselor.

Nick Fico (Remote Year Darien - 2016-17) commenting on Paulina, RY City Team member in Mexico City

“Every time I meet a remote on Remote Year, especially the staff, I feel immediately connected to them because I understand the personality of someone who would like to be a part of this. Anyone who wants to be a part of Remote Year... I know we will be friends, you and I, because we are adventurous, curious, interested people, who want to learn from others. The local team in Split really feels like family, like my sisters.

Reid Peryam (Remote Year 1 - 2015)