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The Remote Year community challenges you to explore unchartered territory both professionally and personally. From sampling durian in Asia to hiking dizzying peaks in South America to launching invigorating work projects, no hurdle seems daunting when there’s a collection of familiar faces by your side.


Stevie Kloeber from Veritas (2017-2018) made this introduction to her community: Who is Veritas?

The Remote Nation is a judgment-free zone. Within it exists nearly every type of traveler imaginable, as well as talent that spans slam poetry to cutting-edge coding skills. 

Remotes come from a huge range of professional backgrounds — lawyers, finance professionals, programmers, designers, writers, and more — as well as from diverse cultural roots.

Within this eclectic community, you’ll find best friends and business partners, rock climbing buddies and road trip crews. You’ll share dinners, side trips, heartaches, inside jokes, and more stunning sunsets than you can imagine. Along the way, you will grow exponentially.

Countless testimonials describe how RY’s travel community feels more like family than a collection of friends — how it feels like being “part of something,” sometimes for the very first time.

"The truth is, travel can be lonely. You meet locals, you make friends, you talk to bartenders and waiters; but at the end of the day you struggle to make lasting and meaningful connections, and you find yourself on the road again, alone. But this, this experience is different. It’s immersion, it’s movement, it’s learning about the culture and integrating yourself with new cities: but it’s never, ever lonely. "

Molly Falco - Remote Year Darien 2016-2017

Remote Year fosters strong bonds through innovative and immersive programming. We host events specifically designed to build community. We orchestrate professional-growth weekends like writers’ retreats and hackathons. 

We organize volunteer opportunities such as day trips to animal shelters (or monkey sanctuaries), joint initiatives with local philanthropies, and environmental cleanup projects.

Remote Year community helps one of their own propose. View on Instagram.

Some aspects of community life are impromptu. Don’t be surprised to find yourself on a last-minute excursion to Carnival, cooking potluck dinner from Bulgarian recipes with a little help from flatmates (and Google Translate), or carving pineapples for Halloween when there are no pumpkins to be found on a Thai island.

Remote Year's Cousteau Community drives into the Bolivian countryside. View on Instagram.

Remote Year doesn’t cater exclusively to extroverts, though. You’ll always have access to your own private room for those moments when you’re craving quality time with your Kindle or simply a few hours of quiet reflection. All programming is optional. In addition to Track Events, Remotes are free to attend however many (or few) RY activities as they please.

At the end of the day, no matter your travel style, there is undeniable comfort in knowing the community is there to support you.

"It’s been 63 days since I finished Remote Year. The experience was — in a word — transformational. Of the many takeaways that helped to define the shape of my next chapter, the most surprising for me was the need I’ve developed for community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals."

Maggie Fogg - Remote Year Magellan 2016-2017

"My Remote Year journey and my loving new family taught me how to take care of myself; how to be my own star player and biggest fan. They taught me to love myself; to trust myself and my talents. They helped build my self-esteem. They fortified the confidence, peace and strength within me and in others. I couldn’t have asked for a better year. Nor better people with whom to experience it. I am so blessed."

Jacri Stubbs - Remote Year Libertatem 2016 -2017

This has undoubtedly been the most formative year of my life. I’ve become a role model and I’ve adopted role models of my own. I’ve learned the importance of contrast. You can't appreciate the peaks without the valleys, but I’ve learned that it’s better to explore the valleys with your friends. Or the castles, jumping off cliffs, climbing volcanos, sandboarding, fincas, chivas and riads, riding dunes, camels and careems (...) And it has been your wisdoms and support, your compassion and your hunger for the unknown that I have to thank for that.

Eddie Contento - Remote Year Darien 2016-2017