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Community Events

Community events are set up by Program Leaders and run the gamut from fun and casual to formal farewells when it’s time to say sayonara to a city.

A few events are staples of every Remote Year program:

  • City orientations help you figure out the ins and outs of a new destination
  • Bi-weekly Town Halls provide a platform for dialogue among community members
  • Events such as the Moth (theme-based storytelling), RYx (TED-style talks), or lunch roulettes (randomized, small-group get-togethers within the community) take shape based on community wants, needs, and input
  • Remote-led Collectives encourage leadership, collaboration, and the development of personal and professional skills
  • Junctions bring the community together to share results from Collectives and bid farewell to each city when it’s time to move on

"Spark your G.E.N.I.U.S" talk with Remote Year Darien in Medellín. View on Instagram

Other events may be initiated by Remotes or organized on the spur of the moment, such as hackathons, birthday celebrations, or potluck dinners. However you choose to fill your days on Remote Year, there’s never a shortage of ways to connect with the community.