Positive Impact Events

On Remote Year, you have a unique opportunity to positively impact the communities you temporarily call home — and ultimately, to better the world.
Over the past year, Remotes have spent more than 5,000 hours volunteering for more than 100 projects in 22 cities. These projects are wide-ranging and far-reaching, and include efforts such as:
  • Serving food to the homeless at soup kitchens and refugee aid shelters
  • Building houses for families in need
  • Planting mangrove trees with Girl Guides in Cambodia
  • Helping out at monkey sanctuaries
  • Countless other fundraisers and direct service projects
“Looking forward, Remote Year hopes to increase its global positive impact by developing long-term partnerships with organizations that directly impact the communities in which we live,” says Travis King, Remote Year’s Director of Community Development and lead on Global Positive Impact. “We see this as fundamental to global travel and cultural immersion. Those who travel with us have the opportunity to do so much more than simply sun-seek or bar-hop: They have the chance to make rich, meaningful connections with local communities around the globe; they have a chance to give back their time, talent, and energy."

Charity Makeover at the Proyecto Caraya Monkey Sanctuary


Remote Year Darien combined forces with Charity Makeover to help out at the Proyecto Caraya monkey sanctuary. At Charity Makeover, professionals use their skills for social good. In this case, Darien helped re-do the sanctuary’s website (copy, design, and back-end programming), update marketing materials, create videos and photos, and set up a donation system. Read Remote Sean Tierney’s recap here.

Fundraiser for 2017 Peru Flood Victims

Watch the video here

Remote Year Libertatem raised more than $2,000 to buy and build a house for Señor Julian, who was displaced by the floods and mudslides in Peru in early 2017.

Creating a Creative Space for Youth in Sofia


In August of 2017, Remote Year Veritas (under “the Veracity Project”) partnered with the Trotoara Foundation. Veritas assisted the organization’s efforts to open a creative space for the youth of Sofia, Bulgaria.

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