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Program Leaders

There will be Remote Year staff accompanying your program 24/7. As the main point of contact for all things RY, the Program Leaders are your go-to resource for most general inquiries or logistical concerns. Program Leaders are Jacks-(and Janes)-of-all-trades: They organize Town Halls and community events, accompany you during travel days, provide updates about community goings on, assist with accommodation preferences, and much more. 

These staff members also help hold you accountable to your professional and personal goals throughout your time on the program.

Remote Year Darien arrives in Prague. View in Instagram.

To get a sense for the role that these important people will play in your life during Remote Year, check out this blog post by Michael Constable (Remote Year Kaizen - 2017-2018), where he lovingly refers to Program Leaders Silvia and Jen as his “moms.”