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Safety and Communication

SIM card service

We understand that connectivity is paramount when you’re working on the go. During your Remote Year program, you can take advantage of our SIM card service ($30/month), which means you’ll receive an activated SIM specific to your unlocked device upon arrival in a new city. You can opt in or out of RY-procured SIM cards on a month-to-month basis if, for example, your service provider covers some countries on the itinerary but not others.


As part of our commitment to safety, we’ve invested in global medical and security assistance platform International SOS. This program is designed to keep you healthy, safe, and secure while you’re traveling and living abroad with Remote Year. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this service and its online resources.
International SOS provides medical, security, and logistical expertise — so it’s the resource to turn to if you lose your medication in Prague, need to see a doctor in Hanoi, get pick-pocketed in Lima, or for almost any health or safety issue.
Remotes will be provided with additional information about this important service during onboarding.