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Travel Support and Flexibility

As a fully accredited travel agency, Remote Year provides door-to-door transportation between each city on your program’s itinerary. Our Travel Team is fully distributed across three continents to ensure 24/7 support.
Most of the time, your group will travel via flight (although we occasionally take buses or other modes of transport). Travel days are always on the weekend, so there’s no need to stress about missing part of a work day. Your Program Leaders will also inform you of all travel details well ahead of schedule so as to avoid any last-minute surprises.

If you’re curious what a travel day looks like, Remote Justin Poore (Remote Year Balboa) captured one on his vlog.

We understand that things pop up — business conferences, weddings back home, your dog’s birthday — so we offer flexibility whenever possible. In the event that you need to leave or arrive in a city on a different date from the rest of the group, the Travel Team will do its best to accommodate your plans. They’ll even help you secure the best rates for your own travel (though you will have to pay this cost separately).

The Remote Year travel team in full force

Flexibility for couples

Want to join Remote Year as a couple and split a room? At Remote Year, we love Love — so if you want to travel as a duo, we offer a 20% discount on the program fee. (There is no couples’ discount for months opted out.)

Opt-out flexibility:

We understand that a year is a long time, and sometimes you need (or want) to be somewhere else. Whether you need to see to a personal matter at home or simply have a prior commitment you can’t miss, we offer the flexibility to opt out of Remote Year for one-month increments.  

When you opt out of a month, the program fee will be reduced to $1,000 — provided that you give at least 60 days’ written notice prior to transition to that city. (With at least 45 days’ notice, the monthly fee will be reduced to $1,250.)
During your month away, you’ll still have the option to travel to and from the program’s planned destination.  (Pro tip: When you work with the Travel Team prior to opting out, you can use your included group travel to serve as your flight to another destination.) You’ll also keep access to Slack, Google Cal and Facebook groups, Positive Impact initiatives, and public events. You won’t, however, have access to Remote Year accommodations, workspaces, private events in any RY cities, or SIM card services.
Note that due to the shorter term, Remotes on four-month programs do not have the option to opt out.