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Why Remote Year?

At Remote Year, we believe great work can be done from anywhere.

We also believe that people are foundational to transformative travel experiences. Though members of the Remote Nation™ hail from every walk of life, its citizens tread some common ground: they are constantly striving to expand their professional, social, and cultural horizons, and they thrive while pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones.

Community is the glue that holds it all together. Working, living, and traveling in this unique way fosters irreplicable and indelible bonds. It’s not just the program’s community that proves powerful — Remote Year is a threshold to a larger, global community that irrevocably changes those who seek it out.

At Remote Year, we believe in championing human connection through cultural exchange. We’ve built a cohesive network of international staff — including City Teams who intimately understand the lay of the land — in order to deliver extraordinary experiences. This treasury of knowledge provides Remotes with built-in access to authenticity.

We believe in inclusivity. Since Remote Year’s launch in 2015, we have welcomed more than 1,000 Remotes to our programs. We currently operate in 18 cities, in 16 countries, and on five continents. As the first and largest organization to provide such an ambitious platform for remote professionals, Remote Year has established a formula for success. We’ve launched seventeen communities to date — and new programs are inaugurated almost every month. The iteration process is ongoing; we tailor each successive program based on community feedback.

As Remote Year grows and matures, we remain curious and committed to making the program the best it can be. Together, we believe we can build a Nation that transcends borders and creates a foundation for the dreamers of tomorrow. Check the Remote Year Reviews and see what our customers think about their experience!