Common Questions about Remote Year

Everything you need to know before you get started


The Basics


How much does Remote Year cost?

What's included in the cost of Remote Year?

What's not included in the cost of Remote Year?

How much money should I plan on budgeting for Remote Year?

Could I travel cheaper on my own?


Application Process

What's Remote Year's application process?

What do you look for in an applicant?

Are there specific dates and deadlines to apply?

What do people who have completed Remote Year think of their experience?


Where does Remote Year travel?

How does Remote Year travel?

What should I bring on Remote Year?

Can I take breaks or go on vacation while on Remote Year?

What if I have an unexpected emergency and have to leave Remote Year early?


Working Remotely

Where do people work while on Remote Year?

Where are the co-working spaces located?



What are Remote Year accommodations like?


Health and Safety

Do I need visas?

If I do need a visa to enter certain countries, will Remote Year provide one for me?

Are cities where Remote Year travels safe?

Do I need health insurance?

Do I need travel insurance?



This year is going to be different, and so will every year after it.