Couldn't I just travel cheaper on my own?

Probably, but there are a ton of benefits to participating in Remote Year that solo-travel doesn't necessarily offer.

For starters, we take care of all traveling, accommodation, co-working, and other logistics for a year. Not only does this save Remotes countless hours of planning, but also, when coupled with the wealth of on-the-ground advice from our City Managers at each destination, Remote Year helps you truly get to know each city from a local’s perspective. Plus, Remote Year has staff in each city, so when things don’t go as planned, they can help you effectively navigate through the speed bumps that pop up along your journey.

In addition, we offer a variety of dynamic programming opportunities (called “Tracks™ at each of the Remote Year destinations throughout the year). Remotes are able to select these based on their personal interests and each allows participants to experience the city in an immersive way. Professional development seminars (called “Knowledge Drops”) are also available to all Remotes to attend and participate in.  These video sessions draw on the unique talents and perspectives of all Remotes and provide a way for Remotes across all active programs to learn from one another.

Finally, traveling the world  with a community of amazingly talented, passionate, and inspiring people is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We’ve found that the relationships Remotes form with the other group members has invaluable professional and personal benefits that last well after the trip has ended. You can read articles Remotes have written about Remote Year on our blog.

Common Questions about Remote Year

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