The Basics

What does Remote Year provide?

Remote Year provides an unforgettable travel experience and all of the logistical planning to ensure smooth sailing along the way.


On Remote Year you’re not a local, but you’re also not a tourist. You're a Remote. You’re part of a vanguard — a unique type of traveler who balks at the concept of “working for the weekend.” You’re also part of a vibrant community of like-minded, culturally diverse, and curious professionals.

Our goal is to fill your year with opportunities for meaningful connections, growth moments, and deep immersion. There are a few ways we accomplish this:

  • Track Events™ are local, curated, authentic experiences tailored to your specific interests, goals, and schedule
  • Plus Events™ are additional experiences that often align with seasonal or unique local happenings (sometimes at an extra cost)
  • Positive Impact events are chances to give back to the communities you call home throughout your time on Remote Year
  • The Remote Nation is the global network of future, current, and past Remotes

Common Questions about Remote Year

Everything you need to know before getting started