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We want more remarkable individuals like you to make Remote Year even better.

Help us grow our community of empowered professionals by sharing Remote Year with your network. There are two ways to get involved.

1. Refer a Candidate

Refer a friend, colleague or family member who you think would make a great Remote. You'll each get a $300 thank you gift  when they join a program.

2. Refer an Employer

Refer your employer to be a Remote Year partner (meaning your employer will sponsor a future employees’ trip). If your employer becomes an official Remote Year partner, you’ll get a $1000 thank you gift when they sign their contract.

By submitting a referral you are agreeing to the
Remote Year Referral Program Terms & Conditions

How do you want to get involved?

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Employer Referral Form

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Referral Program FAQ

Who is eligible to refer a candidate or employer?
Citizens, Active Remotes, Premotes and Remote Year Staff (including Ambassadors) are eligible to refer candidates to Remote Year by submitting their information through this form.

How much am I paid?
You will be paid $300 for referring a candidate, or $1000 for referring your employer to partner with Remote Year.

When do I get paid?
If you refer an individual, you will have $300 taken off of your next bill as soon as your candidate joins their program (when they put down their full down payment). If you are a citizen, you will be paid $300 in cash. Your candidate will have $300 taken off of their first month's bill. The referral team will notify you when this happens.

If you refer your employer, you will have $1000 taken off of your next bill as soon as your employer officially partners with Remote Year (when they sign a partnership contract). If you are a citizen, you will be paid $1000 in cash.

What does the process look like?
Once you refer a candidate through the link above, our Program Placement team or Remote Year Employer Success team will follow up with both you and your candidate via email.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Reach out to with any questions/comments.

What is Remote Year's Partnership Program?
Remote Year's Partnership Program is different than the individual consumer experience as we help define selection criteria and build a customized application process when multiple employees in a company want to go on Remote Year. We provide Employer Success support to ensure a successful transition to remote + travel work, establish goal setting, and a selection of professional development modules. Plus, we allow for some program itinerary customization (depending on the company’s needs, goals, and other considerations, etc.). Our goal is to help the company to develop a process to leverage Remote Year to achieve their strategic business objectives.

How many individuals/employers can I refer?
You can refer as many individuals as you like. You will receive a thank you gift of $300 for each candidate who joins a program. You can only refer your current employer.

Can one person or employer be referred by multiple people?
Only one person can receive the referral bonus - the first person to refer a candidate or employer contact would receive it unless the referral explicitly says who should receive it.

Does this apply to past referrals?
It does not apply to past Remote Year applicants and applies to new referrals only (they must not yet be in our system). Our referral team will advise you if your referral has already started the program placement process and is no longer eligible.

What could I do with $300?
For $300 you could get about 200 orders of pad thai in Chiang Mai, 361 glasses of wine in Cordoba, a 2.5-year subscription to Spotify, or go cage diving with Great Whites in Cape Town-- and cover a friend.

Thank You!

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