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The magic of the Remote Nation is you - and all the other incredible humans who have joined this journey.  
You make this magic come to life every day - thank you. We are always looking for more remarkable people to make more meaningful connections and help build a more connected global community of empowered professionals. Do you have a friend or family member who also fits the bill and is ready to be part of this adventure? Let us know here.  Our Program Placement Team thanks you in advance for the heads up.

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Referral Program FAQ

You make the magic of the Remote Nation come to life every day. We want to make the community even stronger by bringing in more people from those who know the Nation best, you!

Who is eligible to refer a pomote and how does it work?
Citizens, Active Remotes, Premotes and Dreamers (including Ambassadors) are eligible to refer candidates to Remote Year by submitting their information through this form. For every referral, that has not previously applied to Remote Year, that submits a full down payment for  a 12 month or 4 month program, the referrer and the referral will both receive $300 as a thank you gift.

When will I receive my thank you gift?
Premotes and Remotes will have $300 taken off of their next monthly bill when their referral submits their full down payment for a 4 or 12 month program ($3,000 and $5,000 respectively). Citizens and Dreamers will receive $300 in cash (that may be taxed depending on applicable tax regulations). The referral will have $300 taken off of their first month's bill. The referral team will notify the referrer when a referral has submitted a full down payment.

What does the process look like?
Once someone submits a referral through the link above, our Program Placement team will follow up with both the referrer and your referral via email. The referral will receive priority status in our program placement process.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Reach out to with any questions/comments.

How many people can I refer?
As many as you like! You will receive a thank you gift of $300 for each referral who joins a program.

Can one person be referred by multiple people?
Only one person can receive the referral bonus; the first person to refer someone would receive it unless the referral explicitly says who should receive it.

Does this apply to past referrals?
It does not apply to past referrals; this initiative starts on November 20th, 2017 and applies to new referrals only (they must not yet be in our system). Our referral team will advise you if your referral has already started the program placement process and is no longer eligible.

What could I do with $300?
For $300 you could get about 300 street tacos in Mexico City, 275 pints of beer in Prague, 250 bowls of pho in Hanoi, a 3 years subscription to Netflix, or a really fancy pair of noise canceling headphones.

Thank You!

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