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Emmy Singh (Technology Strategist at Microsoft) on her remote work journey and what it means for the companies of tomorrow.

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Use Remote Year to keep employees productive, engaged, and inspired.

Whether you're already remote-friendly or are just learning how to accommodate remote-work for the first time, we offer several options and customized packages along with a dedicated Customer Success team to ensure a rewarding experience for your employees.

Why do enterprises partner with Remote Year?

Engagement and Retention

Many of our partners report reduced attrition and increased employee loyalty, along with improved employee commitment and organizational appreciation after partnering with Remote Year.

Professional Development

Remote Year offers professional workshops, guest speakers, and networking events in each city alongside personal development and local service activities within a collaborative community.

Reduced Overhead

Allowing employees to participate in Remote Year saves up to $11,000 per employee on overhead for the duration of travel with incremental savings in real estate, IT, and utility expenses.

Talent Attraction

Offering Remote Year as a benefit or performance incentive helps our partners to recruit top talent and remain competitive within their industry.

Logistics and employee performance are our highest priority. We provide communication planning, itinerary expertise, employer and employee tips, best practices, and goal setting to help your company and employees get the most out of Remote Year.

Remote Year corporate partners include...

Meet some members of the Remote Nation.

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