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What is Remote Year?

Remote Year curates work and travel programs for professionals to work remotely from cities around the world without having to quit their jobs. Join a program with your current employment situation and follow an itinerary with a group of like-minded participants from a variety of different backgrounds for a year or four-months.

World travel without the hassle.

We handle all the planning and logistics so you can focus on the experience. The monthly fee covers accommodations, transportation including flights, workspace access, local experiences, events and more in every stop on your itinerary.

A unique take on work-life balance.

Our local city teams are there to plan various activities and events throughout the week so that participants can easily enjoy the experience without interfering with their job. It's common to fit in a hike before the work day or take a cooking class during lunch.

Community bonds like no other.

Traveling with other members of your community for the duration of your itinerary will allow you to create unique relationships from professional connections to life-long friendships that will last long after the program is over.

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How to Join a Program

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Choose a Program.

Get Started by chatting with one of our Program Consultants to find a program best suited for you based on your preference and schedule. You’ll then submit a down payment to reserve your spot.

Commit and get onboarded.

Once you’ve committed to a program, our onboarding team can answer all of your questions and equip you with the resources you need to transition into your new flexible work and travel lifestyle. We also give you access to our large network of participants to for recommendations and advice before you depart.

Start your journey of a lifetime.

Meet your program at the first stop of your itinerary and our Local City team will be there to greet you with open arms. During the first week you’ll have orientation to get to know your Program Leader and the rest of your community. Then the real fun begins.

Photos by Dan Gold, Remote Year Darien