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Pursue personal and professional growth
in one immersive multicultural experience.

Remote Year brings together groups of inspiring freelancers, full-time employees, and entrepreneurs to travel, live, and work in different cities around the world for 4 or 12 months.

What We Do

Remote Year creates work and travel programs for communities of passionate professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to travel the world while working remotely.

Leave the logistics to us.

Remote Year takes care of all your travel plans and logistics, in addition to providing local and ongoing support throughout your program.

Live and learn like a local.

On Remote Year, you’re invited to embrace unique, local experiences and explore the hidden gems of each city you’ll call home.

Don’t go it alone.

Travel the world with a community of like-valued professionals and build meaningful connections and memories that last a lifetime.

Designed for professionals of all kinds.

People from all types of diverse professional backgrounds choose to travel the world while working remotely with Remote Year. Our programs provide participants with the unique opportunity to grow personally and professionally, while spending 4 or 12 months living in different cities.

Full-Time Employees
Embrace flexibility and gain global perspective

Build your business and tap into new markets

Freelancers and Contractors
Expand your client base and learn new skills

What Remotes have to say about Remote Year.

Here’s what people on Remote Year (we call them Remotes) have to say about their experiences on a 4 or 12 month work and travel program.

"Sure, I could travel abroad by myself for cheaper than Remote Year, but the value of the friendships I have made in (Remote Year) Ikigai and the connections I have made through the Remote Year network at large enrich my experience in the moment, and will continue to do so for years to come. I wouldn’t have it any other way."

Eddie Contento
Executive Branding Director, Chopdawg

"I could have done it cheaper or in more desirable cities or with less hassle if I’d done it on my own versus with Remote Year. But I wouldn’t trade the program for anything… not even unlimited, calorie-free empanadas for life. Because none of what I got out of this year — the growth, the change, the memories — would have been possible without the community I built along the way."

Zoe Weiner
Freelance Writer

"My Remote Year journey and my loving new family taught me how to take care of myself; how to be my own star player and biggest fan. They taught me to love myself; to trust myself and my talents. They helped build my self-esteem. They fortified the confidence, peace and strength within me and in others. I couldn’t have asked for a better year."

Jacri Stubbs
Founder, Dyad Creative

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