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We offer five types of itineraries that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

All of our programs include the same services but vary in length and the regions they visit across Latin America, Europe, South Africa, and Asia.

You might be wondering...

What are the benefits of traveling with Remote Year vs. traveling solo?

Traveling with Remote Year is a collective experience you share with a community over the course of your program and is also specially planned and curated by our staff with experiences and membership benefits. While you can definitely visit the same locations as Remote Year participants when you travel alone, you'll also have to:

  1. Plan out all of your logistics including flights, accommodations, and workspaces.
  2. Research your own activities and make your own local connections to find things to do.
  3. Miss out on the personal long-term connections and networking within a community.

When you travel with us, we take care all of that for you so that you're able to focus on the experience.

How do I know if I’m able to join Remote Year?

We welcome individuals from all nationalities and industries to start the process to join a program, however all of participants are expected to:

What if I don’t currently work remotely?

That’s okay! Not ALL jobs can be done remotely, but many can and just need a little bit of help with the transition. Schedule a call with a Program Consultant and they can help you start the process to transition your current role remote. 
If you're completely new to remote work, visit our blog to learn more information.

Keep your job. See the World.
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Is it for me?