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Remote Year offers two program lengths for you to choose from based on your personal preferences and individual needs. After committing to a program, you pay an all-inclusive monthly fee* for the duration of your itinerary which covers everything from your travel logistics, workspace, cultural and local experiences, and much much more.
*The cost of programs depends on the itinerary you choose.

12-Month Programs


A transformative experience in which you’ll explore several continents, try as many different types of cuisine as possible, explore new passions, complete personal goals, and really change your ways over the course of a year.

4 Month Programs


The perfect chance to focus your travels on one continent while exploring whether or not the location independent lifestyle is for you. If you have a limited amount of time to travel due to finances, your work schedule, or social commitments, this program is your perfect fit.

What’s Included

When you choose to travel and work remotely with Remote Year, you’re getting so much more than a 4 or 12 month itinerary around the world. Here’s a sample of what’s included in your Remote Year fee.

24/7 Workspace Access
A coworking space within 30 minutes walking distance of your accommodation.

The Remote Year Travel Team takes care of your door-to-door travel logistics between each destination.

A private, furnished room in each city, usually in an apartment with fellow participants.

Local Experiences and Events
Cultural, educational, and social activities organized into multiple Tracks™.

Enterprise Solutions Team
We’ll work with you, or directly with your employer, to help craft the perfect pitch for making the case for remote work.

Local and Travelling Staff
1-2 Remote Year program leaders for each group as well as local staff on the ground in each city.

Now accepting participants for 2019 Programs

Remote Year Uroboros |  4 Months

Departs March 31, 2010
Santiago, Lima,
Medellín, Mexico City

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Remote Year Polaris  |  12 Months

Departs March 3, 2019
Lima, Santiago, Medellín, Mexico City, Hanoi, Chiang Mai, Kyoto, Kuala Lumpur, Split, Lisbon, Valencia, Cape Town

Learn More

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Just because you don’t have a remote job today doesn’t mean you can’t participate in a Remote Year work and travel program. Our Enterprise Solutions Team is ready to help you pitch the perfect proposal for taking your current job remote.

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