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At this time, Remote Year offers work and travel programs at three different itinerary lengths: 4-month, 6-month and 12-months long. Participants typically choose programs based on their preferences and the amount of time they have to commit to going on a program (whether it’s work restrictions, or personal conflicts).

Below we’ve outlined the main differences between them, however in order to figure out what program best fits your needs, we recommend speaking to a Program Consultant. You can book a time to speak to one of our knowledgeable consultants here.

How often are programs launched?
Programs are launched consistently throughout the year. Some programs may not yet be live on the website for various reasons. If you don’t see an itinerary that matches your timeline, we suggest speaking with a Program Consultant who can give you more information on unreleased itineraries. You can book a time to do so here.

Can I choose my own itinerary?
Yes and No. Yes, you can choose which of our predetermined itineraries you like best or best fits your remote working needs. No, in that all of our itineraries travel to RY’s twelve core cities around the world and you cannot customize the order you visit them in. This allows participants to experience all the magic of the Remote Year community - which most past participants rate as their favorite part of the experience.

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