4 Months
April 29, 2018
August 25, 2018

Remote Year Kairos

Purpose and Opportunity

Kairos is a Greek word meaning an opportune time to make a decision or act upon a desire. There were two different words for "time" in ancient Greek—chronos and kairos. Chronos, time that can be measured, differs from kairos, which measures moments rather than minutes. This is the opportune moment you’ve been searching for—act upon that little voice that has been telling you to seek balance between chasing both your professional and personal desires.

May 2018
Split, Croatia

June 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

July 2018
Valencia, Spain

August 2018
Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bucket List.

A few once in a lifetime experiences Remotes can look forward to on this itinerary.

Embrace Your Inner Mermaid

If you’re happiest in or around water, you’ll be in bliss. Float in the Adriatic Sea (just steps from the Split workspace), enjoy a picnic next to the Vltava River, tan on the Spanish coast and hike through the Rila Lakes in the Bulgarian mountains.

Leave your winter boots behind

Say it with us—European summer. Pack light, because you’ll be chasing the sun and soaking up Vitamin C for four months in a row. Festival season will be in full swing, whether you’re seeking out music, art, film or theatre.

Eat Your Heart Out

Start your checklist of all the signature dishes you need to consume! Fresh seafood in Croatia, Czech schnitzel, Paella Valenciana and the most refreshing salad you could dream up, Shopska.

The Destinations.

April 29, 2018
August 25, 2018



"Falling asleep the sounds of the waves. Spending a weekend on a boat. Watching the sunset change the colors of the sky, the water. "... "In Split, Remote Year has built their first co-working space, WIP, and it’s awesome. There’s amazing light, plenty of space, and it really feels like a true co-working space."

Zoë Björnson, Remote Year Cousteau, 2016-2017


Czech Republic

"Prague is beautiful (...) the city is large, cosmopolitan, and distinctly European. I thought (...) that it would be small and manageable, but everywhere I turn there's a restaurant I want to try or a festival happening or another museum, beergarden, park, or church to explore. I also thought the food would be heavy and fried, so I've been surprised at the number of brooklyn style coffee shops, vegan restaurants, and Indian, and Vietnamese food places. The restaurant downstairs serves juices, acai bowl, and aloo gobi sandwiches, and the brewery down the street serves zucchini noodles and carrot chowder. Our workspace is a former embassy and feels regal. We have a library, a sprawling garden in the back, a yoga room, and a neighboring park. (...) Everywhere you turn -- local area, tourist area, historical area, run down area -- is beautiful and has a past."

Aashima Kapoor, Remote Year Kaizen, 2017-2018



"Wandering commute through the grand Valencian buildings, orange and palm trees, and past bustling cafes filled with relaxed spaniards, being able to leave in the middle of the day to see the sights of a place I would normally set as a desktop background. Valencia is sunny and 75 degrees, relatively flat, and absolutely gorgeous. I’m living in Russafa, the ‘trendy’ neighborhood, filled with coffee shops and bars that advertise a plethora of 1 euro beers and plenty of diverse foods. It feels like Berlin, without all the dog shit on the sidewalks, mixed with the ease and charm of Florence or Rome."

Dana Reinert, Remote Year Magellan, 2016-2017



"Sofia, Bulgaria deserves to be highlighted as an incredible place to live and visit. It is beautiful yet affordable, deliciously sweet yet savory, and has an all-around good vibe. It needs to have songs written about it and be on everyone’s bucket lists. But to make it kitschy which would take away from the very essence of Bulgaria’s capital, and I’m jealously guarding this place for myself. Stay away."

Casey Carr-Jones, Remote Year Magellan, 2016-2017

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Why Remote Year?


Remote Year has teams in each city who plan unique events so you can experience each destination on your itinerary like a local.


Remote Year staff members traveling with groups organize gatherings twice a month to make announcements and allow participants to ask questions and share ideas.


Experience a new lifestyle every month as you not only change countries, but also your daily routine when you wake up and head to work.


Be inspired by your surroundings and work from some of the coolest coworking spaces around the world.


We believe in giving back to the communities in which we live. From volunteering at food banks in Portugal to helping refugees in Serbia, Remote Year partners with local charities and sustainable causes to do so.


Your Remote Year community may start as a group of strangers, but soon, there's nowhere in the world you'd rather be.


Want to dive deeper into each destination? Great! Want to get away? No problem! Our team is available to help and assist you in booking side trips outside of your itinerary.

See what Remotes are saying about us.

"Sure, I could travel abroad by myself for cheaper than Remote Year, but the value of the friendships I have made in Remote Year and the connections I have made through the Remote Year network at large enrich my experience in the moment, and will continue to do so for years to come.   I wouldn’t have it any other way."

"My Remote Year journey and my loving new family taught me how to take care of myself; how to be my own star player and biggest fan. They taught me to love myself; to trust myself and my talents. They helped build my self-esteem. They fortified the confidence, peace and strength within me and in others. I couldn’t have asked for a better year."

"Remote Year is a wily gang of people from all over the world, but despite our differences, they are among the most open minded and good natured people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  It’s certainly a huge part of what makes Remote Year so fun and worth it relative to organizing your own travel around the world, which anyone in theory could do."


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