Is it for me?

What do you want out of life?

Adventure and unique experiences?

Friends and mentors all over the world?

To grow in your career and life?

To travel the world without quitting your job?

Adventure and a lifetime of unique experiences.

Wonderful friends and mentors from all over the world.

The opportunity to grow in your career and your life.

To travel the world without quitting your job.

Imagine this.

Traveling the world for 4 or 12 months with an inspiring group of freelancers, entrepreneurs and full-time employees.
Taking your job on the road with you, or get employer support to turn your desk job into a remote job.
You live in and explore some of the world's most vibrant and exciting cities.
You work remotely anywhere you wish- a coworking space, café, beach, or even from your apartment.
You spend your weekends exploring the great outdoors...
...wandering through intriguing new neighbourhoods...
...and building connections that last a lifetime.
You push beyond your comfort zone and grab every new opportunity to learn and grow professionally...
...while meeting the locals and giving back to the communities you visit.
You experience all the beauty the world has to offer...
...while creating beautiful moments yourself.
Open your world and change the possibilities.
Discover your path today.
Is it for me?