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Twelve-Month Program


Twelve months can change your whole life.

Remote Year's original Twelve Month Program offers world-class destinations, accommodation, workspaces, local events and access to our global community of traveling professionals.

Twelve Month Programs allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the work and travel lifestyle for a year and we offer a variety of itineraries that cater to your individual preferences to ensure a successful experience.

Remote Year Apollo

March 3, 2019
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Remote Year Polaris

March 3, 2019
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Twelve-Month Experience

Downpayment of
US $5,000

Downpayment is due upon offer acceptance to secure your spot on a program.


11 payments of
US $2,000

Each payment is due at the start of every month on the program.
24/7 Workspace Access
A coworking space within 30 minutes of your accommodation.
Travel by plane or bus between each destination on your program itinerary.
A private, furnished room in each city, usually in an apartment with fellow participants.
Local Experiences and Events
Cultural, educational, and social activities organized into multiple Tracks™.
On-Site Community Support
1-2 Remote Year program leaders for each group, plus staff at each destination.
Local City Staff
Local staff on the ground at each destination to help you navigate the city.
  • Employer Approval Process
    Our team can help you get your employer on board with a remote work arrangement.
  • Onboarding Resources
    Pre-departure support from our onboarding team to help you transition to a remote lifestyle.
  • Flexible Travel Bookings
    Want to leave the city for a bit? No problem. We are a fully accredited travel agency and can help you book side trips with ease.
  • International Support (ISOS)
    We invest in global medical and security assistance through International SOS, so you can rest assured that help is always available.
  • Access to Slack Messaging System
    Remote Year enables you to use Slack to easily communicate and network with anyone in your group or on other programs.
  • Monthly Sim Service ($)
    Subscribe to our supplementary monthly SIM card service.
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