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Our mission is to create a more peaceful and productive world by fostering genuine human connections across diverse cultures and people.

Read our story and learn about our company values.

Our Story

In August 2014, Remote Year was started by two friends asking a simple question, “Who wants to travel together for a year while working remotely?” Out of that inquiry grew an incredible community with a set of shared values and a mission for impacting the world.

We consider these values every day as we make decisions, plan new experiences and set goals for the future. They guide us toward achieving our common purpose which is reflected in our mission. We strive to incorporate these principles into our personal and professional lives, which often coexist as location independent workers. We don’t just extol these values. We live them.

Our Values

Work-Life Flexiblity

Championing location independent productivity.

We don’t just advocate for it, we live it. Remote Year is a fully-distributed company, meaning each of our employees works remotely, either from their home or on the road. We give our team the opportunity to do great work - on their teams.

Global Perspective

Appreciating the world's diversity and interconnectedness.

No two people are the same - and that is what makes the world so inspiring. We believe in seeking out similarities and celebrating differences. No matter where we are, we seek to understand those around us and aim to build bridges where before there were walls.


Expanding our capacity to care for others.

We have a penchant for pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. This lifestyle connects you with people that you may have never met otherwise, local residents in the cities that you travel to or fellow Remotes. We live for the moment that an internal light bulb clicks on, illuminating the way toward making decisions that take all perspectives into account.


Coming together with a purpose.

It’s not about what you can do on your own, it’s about what we can do as a whole. Our team lives by this ethos as members of the Remote Nation, creating meaningful connections and building lasting bonds as we pursue a life of productivity and positive impact.

Being Present

Embracing awareness and gratitude for the moment.

Every day presents opportunities for reflection - only if you’re prepared to notice them. We strive to appreciate every moment of awe, inhale every bit of inspiration and take a break whenever life feels like it’s moving too quickly.


Creating the optimistic future you envision

We’re leading the way in remote work and ushering in a new era of location-independence. At Remote Year we believe in breaking away from the status quo and changing the possibilities — that means changing what's possible for both the future work as well as the possibilities for each and every one of our participants on our programs.

Our Impact

Since Remote Year was founded, over 2,000 professionals from all different backgrounds and industries have completed one of our various types of work and travel programs. Through the power of flexibility, work-life balance, and community, participants of Remote Year often have not only traveled the world but have also started new phases of their lives both personally and professionally, feeling empowered after making such a large life change. Many have founded their own companies, grown their client base, met their business partners or significant others within the community, and discovered personal development in ways they couldn't have even imagined.

Remote Year is more than just a program. It's an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and see and experience all the opportunities that lay in the world and live without having to compromise your livelihood.

Meet the Founders

Greg Caplan

Founder and CEO

Prior to starting Remote Year, Greg Caplan founded his first company, oBaz, a fashion company that was acquired by Groupon in 2013. He holds BBA in finance and strategy from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.

Sam Pessin

Founder and COO

Sam spent 3 years as a consultant at Bain & Company and a year as Head of Business Development at Vokal Interactive before starting Remote Year. He also holds a BBA from University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.

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