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Remote Year currently offers five types of work and travel programs that depart frequently throughout the year. If you're ready to join a program or want to learn more, click Get Started to schedule time with a Program Consultant and they can help you find a departure date that best suits your timeline.


Around the World

Join a year-long transformative experience in which you’ll explore several continents, try as many different types of cuisine as possible, explore new passions, learn new skills, complete personal goals, develop meaningful relationships with your community and really change your life.

First Payment: $5,000 // 12 Monthly Payments: $2,000

Europe & Africa

Travel throughout four completely different countries and cultures on this four-month program through Europe and Africa. Cities may vary slightly between each program, but one thing is for sure — you'll walk away with unique experiences, life long memories, and deep and meaningful friendships.

First Payment: $3,500 // 4 Monthly Payments: (starting at) $2,000

Latin America

On this four month program, you'll have the opportunity to learn or practice your Spanish while exploring four of Latin America’s most storied cities. Outside of your day job, you'll learn about the rich history of this continent, immerse yourself in the colorful cultures, and enjoy beautiful landscapes that each country has to offer.

First Payment: $3,500 // 4 Monthly Payments: (starting at) $2,000

Asia Pacific

Venture into four of Asia's most vibrant cities spread across the continent for an inspiring journey full of food, tradition, and adventure. Don't let the time-difference intimidate you! Remote Year's platform is a remote worker's dream making the transition as easy as possible with 24/7 workspace access.

First Payment: $3,500 // 4 Monthly Payments: (starting at) $2,000

Europe, Africa & Latin America

Travel throughout three completely different continents and various cultures through Europe, Africa and Latin America. This is Remote Year’s inaugural 6 month program so one thing is for sure — you’ll walk away with unique experiences, life long memories, and deep and meaningful friendships.

First Payment: $4,000 // 6 Monthly Payments: $2,250

"I remember looking at it and thinking 'I could do this for much cheaper on my own.' However, once I actually signed up and started living the RY life I realized that there was no way I could have done even half of what I do on RY on my own. The sheer logistics that they sort out for you is unbelievable. You land in a new city every month and within 3 hours you're fully functional."

Sean Stone
CEO & Founder @ Stone's Goods

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