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Choose one of our work and travel programs and you'll live in different cities around the world one a month at a time alongside a community of other professionals from different industries and nationalities.
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For the duration of the program length you choose, you'll have all logistics and programming planned for you including accommodations, workspace, transportation, cultural experiences, events and more.

Limited Time Offer

It's a new year and new decade and we want to encourage people to make 2020 their most transformative year yet with our most transformative experience. Join Remote Year Inara (12 Months Around the World) departing March 1, 2020 and get up to $2,000 off.

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12 Months

Change your life in a year-long adventure around the world.

Our flagship and most transformative product. Over the course of a year, you’ll live on 4 different continents while developing deep connections with a diverse community that will last you a lifetime.

Down Payment
$5,000 USD
Monthly Fee
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6 Months

Go on a half-year adventure exploring Latin America, Europe & South Africa.

Can't go for a full-year but want to see a lot of the world? Our six month program is perfect for you to see and immerse yourself in half of Remote Year's core cities if your work or timeline has limitations.

Down Payment
$4,000 USD
Monthly Fee
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4 Months

Explore the work and travel lifestyle in single region of the globe.

Explore the work and travel lifestyle by spending 4 months traveling through a set of curated cities in a single region of the world (Latin America, Europe & Africa, or Asia) with a community of like minded professionals.

Down Payment
$3,500 USD
Monthly Fee
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Or learn more about Latin America, Europe & Africa or Asia
*Costs may vary by program depending on if it's a Peak or Non-Peak itinerary. For final program cost, check the individual program page of the itinerary you wish to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Remote Year programs?

All Remote Year programs have the same offering (see What’s Included in every Remote Year program) and mainly vary in cost (down payment + monthly fee) as well as their program duration and the regions and/or cities they visit.

How do I know what program is best for me?

Participants typically choose programs based on their travel preferences and timeline. If you have a limited amount of time to travel due to finances, your work schedule, or social commitments, we suggest going on one of our shorter programs. However, if you are looking for a larger lifestyle change, want to work on personal and professional development, or explore more places in the world than a single region, then the twelve month program is for you.

If you're still having trouble deciding, Get Started schedule time with a Program Consultant and they can help figure out what program is right for what you're looking for.

How do program costs and payments work for the program? 

The entire cost of a Remote Year program is broken up into several parts: the first payment and a monthly payment that is paid over the course of your program.

  • Down Payment
    The down payment is paid when you officially sign up for a Remote Year program to secure your spot. When you make this first payment, it shows us your serious commitment to a program and affords us the confidence to begin booking all of your arrangements on your behalf.
  • Monthly Payment
    The monthly payment is a fee paid at the beginning of every month as you land at each stop on your itinerary. The fee covers everything included in that city and can be thought of as "paying rent" except instead of just covering for your accommodations, you're also getting flights, events and programming, on-site support, and much much more.

Programs may vary by cost, so check the itinerary page of the program you're interested in for the final down payment and monthly fee amount.

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