Seven Corners Facility locator: WellAbroad 


How it works:

  1. Get attention first: The insurance is reimbursement based. You should get the medical attention you need, and file the claim retroactively. If your decision on whether to get attention or not is based on the coverage, you can submit the claim, specify the situation, and you should have an answer in 24 hours
  2. Keep your receipts: While at the facility, it's vital to keep two things:
    1. Medical record from the doctor
    2. Receipt of payment (cash or credit)
  3. File a claim: submit by email to (within 90 days), and attach:
    1. Filled out claims form
    2. Medical record from the doctor
    3. Receipt of payment (cash or credit)
    4. Copy of passport, including pages with stamps proving entry to the country


International SOS:


International SOS can be used for any safety or medical information in the countries we are visiting during the year. It should also be used in any emergency situation. 


Emergency Contact Cards:

  1. Prague
  2. Cavtat
    1. Other medical facilities
  3. Istanbul
    1. Istanbul Security Briefing (International SOS)


Other files:

Seven Corners Welcome Pack

Seven Corners Insurance Summary

Seven Corners Insurance Details