Remote Year Preferred Partner Program

Partnering with Remote Year establishes your company as a great place for millennials to work, helping to recruit and retain top talent.  By 2025, millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce, and 92% of millennials want to work remotely (Forbes).  Becoming a Remote Year Preferred Partner puts your company on the leading edge of flexible workplaces.

Utilize our network of remote workers to help fill your open positions.  Offer Remote Year as an extension of your company’s benefits to attract top talent.

Stop losing employees you have already invested in training.  Don’t make them choose between a passion (traveling) and work.  We facilitate a safe way to do both, simultaneously.  

Cultivate the leaders of tomorrow through immersive and challenging local experiences.  Employees being exposed to diversity all across the world will help build their skills and network.


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