Join a Remote Year program and take the hassle out of working remotely while traveling.

Remote Year is an immersive cultural and community experience for personal growth, professional development, and a better global perspective. Scroll down to learn more.

Why Remote Year?

As a remote worker, you’re more equipped than ever before to work where, when and how you want, but planning to actually take advantage of this luxury can be time consuming.

When you join a Remote Year program, you follow an itinerary with a community of other professionals and we handle making all of your arrangements. All you have to do is bring your job, book your flight, and enjoy the experience.

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Schedule a call and choose between our 4 month, 6 month and 12 month programs that travel through Latin America, Europe, South Africa and Asia.

Arrive at the first stop on your itinerary and let the adventure begin.

Live, work, and travel alongside a community of other diverse professionals on a set itinerary. Each month you’ll immerse yourself completely in a new culture and live like a local.

Pay a monthly fee and we take care of everything else.

Our service is a flat-fee every month (like paying rent!) we arrange all of your logistics and activities so that all you have to focus on is your work and enjoying the experience.

Remote Year Partnerships

Our mission is to create a more peaceful and productive world by fostering genuine human connections across diverse cultures and people. We believe that making remote work and travel more accessible is the first step. We partner up with different organizations to give their employees and customers the perk of being able to develop personally and professionally on an adventure of a lifetime.

Do you know of an organization interested in partnering with us? Contact us!

We offer five types of itineraries that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

All of our programs include the same services but vary in itinerary length and the regions they visit across Latin America, Europe, South Africa, and Asia.

"Once I actually signed up and started living the RY life I realized that there was no way I could have done even half of what I do on RY on my own. The sheer logistics that they sort out for you is unbelievable. You land in a new city every month and within 3 hours you're fully functional."
Sean Stone
CEO & Founder @ Stone's Goods

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