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Traveling the world with 75 other professionals while excelling at work can be challenging. Further, our remotes continuously experience moments of personal and professional growth as they live outside their comfort zones. 1) What do you think would be most challenging for this candidate while on Remote Year? 2) How does this candidate typically deal with challenges?
An integral component to the Remote Year experience is acting as an engaged member of the community of professionals within their program and the greater Remote Nation. 1) Please share an example(s) of this candidate’s a) ability to build relationships with people from backgrounds different than his or her own. b) contributing and/or engaging in a community that he or she has been a part of. 2) What do you think will be this candidate’s most valuable contribution to the Remote Year community?
As we travel, we are continuously faced with ideas, situations and experiences that confront us in different ways. We aim to build bridges around the world, dissolving the borders that divide us. Acting with respect, honesty and empathy are critical values of our community. Please share an example(s) of how this candidate has demonstrated these values to you.
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