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What's New at Remote Year?

A 2019 update on all the improvements we've been making on our work and travel programs.

If you haven't been keeping up with Remote Year in the past few years, a lot has changed.

Our mission has been and still is to create a more peaceful and productive world by fostering genuine human connections across diverse cultures and people. In an effort to carry out this mission, we've been busy building a more flexible and accessible platform to make it easy for more professionals of all ages, nationalities, and industries to easily work remotely around the world to expose themselves to new ideas and immerse themselves in new cultures.

Since 2020 is quickly approaching, we wanted to catch you up and let you know about all of the great things we've been working on just in case you're considering traveling on one of our work and travel programs next year.

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Why Remote Year?

Here's what you should know:

Remote Year is no longer just a year long program.

Remote Year now offers 4 and 6 month long programs enabling even more people to work and travel the world with us who can’t go for as long. While our 12-month program is for individuals looking for a life-changing experience or looking to fully immerse themselves in a work and travel lifestyle, our 4-month programs we recommend for individuals who are interested in trying out the remote work lifestyle, have limitations with how long they can travel for, or are only interested in exploring one of our regions at a time.

We only publish itineraries to our website 4-6 months prior to their departure date, however we actually have program departures planned out through 2020. Schedule time with a program consultant and they can help you figure out what program is best for you and show you all of our future departure dates.

Our team can help you go remote… no really. 

Don't currently have a remote job? No problem. We can't provide you with a remote job but our Enterprise Solutions Team of in-house experts can help you work with your manager to transition your job and make it possible to join a Remote Year program. We've worked with businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, and have over an 50% success rate getting approval from their companies.

Learn more or get started with our team, schedule a short call with a Program Consultant and they can put you in touch with the team to get the whole process started.

We’ve made a lot of improvements to our core platform.

Our team realizes that our customers are leaving their homes behind to travel with us and we want to make sure that all of our participants feel as much at home as possible while on our programs. That said, we've made massive improvements to the accommodations and workspaces that we use, partnering up with established local workspaces in each country and securing leases with property managers for our accommodations to maintain more control over where our participants are living.

Learn more about our accommodations, workspace, and travel.

Your month in every city is now customizable.

Our Local Experience teams work hard to curate amazing and unique experiences for our customers to truly immerse themselves and make the best of their month. Over the past few years we've collected so many opportunities for our customers, we decided to build out the Remote Year Marketplace, a one-stop shop for local experiences curated by our team. Here, participants on our program to customize their month to suit their interests, preferences, and schedules.

Participants still enjoy programming, events, and experiences that are included on the program, but the Marketplace makes it easy to book experiences without having to go through the extra trouble of researching and arranging experiences yourself.

We've created more ways to learn about Remote Year.

We understand We understand that joining Remote Year is a big decision for you and you probably want to know absolutely everything before you make such a large commitment. In an effort to make sure you have everything you need to take the leap, we've been working hard to deliver you new ways to get answers to the questions you have about joining one of our programs.

The first is we've built an entire Information Center filled with inside looks into how Remote Year works, customer profiles and stories, company news and updates, as well as answers to every FAQ you may have.

The second is we now hold two virtual information sessions every month staff and past participants of Remote Year talk about their experience on program and answer live questions from attendees. Register Today.

We have some exciting gifts and promotions coming up this holiday season.

It's the season of giving and this year instead of giving discounts, we’ve decided to give the gift of new memories and unforgettable experiences. Think African safari, Bali getaway, Machu Picchu or a Moroccan desert adventure... for FREE.

You'll hear more about this special offer in a few days OR if you want to get a jump, schedule call with a Program Consultant and they may give you an early sneak peek.

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