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Remote Year February Referral Promotion

For a limited time, get a friend to join Remote Year and you BOTH can receive up to $1,000

Since the beginning of Remote Year, our participants have always said the Remote Nation is one of the biggest assets and benefits of having completed a program. We’ve learned that our community is invaluable as far as human connection and understanding, personal and professional development, as well as giving our participants a feeling of belonging to something bigger than themselves. That said, we want to give participants every incentive to help grow the nation and create more of these values for everyone.

For a limited time, we're doubling our usual referral payout amount. Refer a friend to any itinerary, and you'll each receive $400 upon commitment. Refer a friend to the program that you’re committed to and you'll each receive $1,000 upon their commitment.

There are 2 ways to get started:

  1. Share your personal referral link with your network
    We recommend sharing this on your social media bios to cast a wide net to your networks.
  2. Connect your friends directly with our Program Placement Team
    If you have someone specific in mind to refer, fill out this Nation Referral Form with their information and we'll reach out to them.

Be sure to review the details of our referral program here

Why you should take advantage:

Get paid.

This is a special limited time offer we're offering ONLY to premotes for February 2020. After this month the referral payout is $50-$200 so take advantage now!

The more the merrier!

Getting a friend to have the experience of a life time is a gift in itself, but getting them to share the experience with you on the same program? What more could you ask?

Help build the future of work.

The best way to help Remote Year build future of work is to get more people participating on our programs, building our community, working towards our mission towards building a more peaceful and productive world.

Tools and Resources

Feel free to use these tips and resources to make sure you're getting the most out of your referral links.

Where to put your referral link:

  • Put a short version of the link in your Instagram Bio (using
  • Post it on your Facebook Feed
  • Put it on your Linked In Profile
  • Share it with your coworkers and company!
  • Apart of a Slack Community? Share it in #general

Assets to Share

Want to get creative? Use this link to find photos and logos you can use to share along with your link.

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